“Zukunft kronach” aims for four seats

With the electoral community "future kronach – a breath of fresh air for our city" martin panzer and his comrades-in-arms want to enter the city council with at least four candidates in the upcoming municipal elections in march 2020. They are considering running their own mayoral candidate. The members of the foundation now hope to get 180 signatures of support. This is what "the future of kronach" needs, to be admitted to the election. The signature lists will be from 18. December laid out for six weeks in kronach town hall.

At the town council meeting on wednesday evening in the "s'antla" tavern and brewery those present shared their view of local politics in kronach. "There must not and should not be another spill as before", according to martin panzer.

According to his words, "the future of kronach" wants to among other things, revitalizing the city center, marketing more local products. Free parking in the city center is also being considered; this could strengthen the remaining retail trade. After 30 years, the existing traffic routing in the city center must also be reviewed. Free internet at central points in the city should become a matter of course. More educational opportunities are also to be created. In addition, the expansion of vacation recreation and activities is on the agenda. One concern is also the support of families, the children of single parents, who have no access to grandpa and grandma during the vacation season.

Future of kronach" sees a need for action also in the expansion to a bicycle-friendly city. For example, roland wich explained that if you wanted to get to the KZG from hofles, you would have a great connection to the fire station, but for the rest of the way it would be better to push your bike.

Support for farmers

"Future kronach" also wants to contribute to an improved image of agriculture. They unjustly see this industry in criticism. Agriculture in particular makes a significant contribution to the preservation of nature and to a sustainable city. "Instead of talking about farmers, it would be better to talk to them!", so important. And of course one wants to get in contact with industry and tradesmen and support their interests.

During the members' discussions, it became clear that while other parties have the same or similar goals. But the difference with the electoral community, says martin panzer, is that the established parties talk and talk for more than twelve years. Concepts have been drawn up that often gather dust in drawers. Trifles became endless discussions.

It could not be, said daniela wolfel, that – as happened in the past – a fitness park donated by the lions club in the city area would not come to fruition in the city area because of endless discussions and inactivity and would instead be created in ludwigsstadt. It is talked and talked, so wolfel. They had the impression that the city council was blocking itself to the detriment of the people, partly because of personal animosities. She also asked what had been learned from the concepts developed during participation in the "education offensive" project has become.

Another thorn in the side of the electoral community is the fact that the mayor can freely dispose of expenditures of up to 20,000 euros without a city council resolution. "The sum is too high!", so tank.

There was also criticism that many items – although they had to be on the agenda of an open city council meeting – were discussed behind closed doors. "We need to create better transparency!" Not only panzer and wolfel agreed.

The members of "zukunft kronach" are in agreement also that in the future they will persevere in the realization of projects and improvements for the city with tenacity and perseverance. "We will drill and drill!", according to panzer. It was also pointed out that the "future of kronach" electoral association different professions and generations are involved. Everybody from kronach is welcome to apply to "zukunft kronach" for support for their town bring in.

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