World star meets young choir in kronach

World star meets young choir in kronach

When world star deborah sasson performs on sunday, december 16, at 6:00 p.M. December, at 6 p.M., when world star deborah sasson enters the stage of the kreiskulturraum in kronach, there will be a surprise. In addition to her international ensemble, she is also accompanied by the friesener nachwuchschor "con brio" musically supported. Manager michaela taube: "we feel honored, this is a rough challenge."

This christmas concert should be festive, moving and above all unforgettable. At least, that’s what event partner rainer ludwig would like to see. On the second sunday in advent, the stage will therefore not only be illuminated by the spotlight, but above all by the fascinating charisma of an award-winning interpreter. And they want to be known for rough classics like "gloria", "ave maria" or "panis angelicus singing into the hearts of the audience. But not only classical music will flow through the room, but also more lively music. They come from well-known titles like "jingle bells", "rudolph, the red nosed reindeer" or "santa claus is coming to town. She will be accompanied by the russian pianist iwan urwalow.

Deborah sasson, who was already in kronach in 2016, impressed not only her audience, but also and above all mayor wolfgang beiergroblein. He still enthuses about a "great performance" or "panis angelicus, where he met the singer in person – and took her to his heart. But that doesn’t seem to have been a one-way street, because the artist also remembers the warmth she was shown. She assures: "with the burgermeister we were immediately in harmony."

Rainer ludwig focuses above all on the local component. "I like this mixture of world star and local, young artists." The choir "con brio, who was awarded the forderpreis of the district of kronach in 2014, will support the interpreter, especially in the classical field. Michaela taube: "although we are a purely amateur choir and normally rather crossover and a bit more fast-paced, we originally come from the spiritual realm." The own performances on this evening, which the choir will perform without deborah sasson, shall however be based on the overall concept.

Deborah sasson was born in boston. She studied singing at the oberlin conservatory. Her first engagement took her to the metropolitan opera in new york. After that she was chosen for the "west side story" engaged at the hamburger staatsoper. Engagements followed in san francisco, venice, rio de janeiro, london, vienna, berlin and paris. She celebrated international successes and received the "klassik-echo-award" in 2004. Her marriage to the heroic tenor peter hofmann connects her with upper franconia.

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