When trees tell a story

When trees tell a story

Trees play a role in the lives of many people. For example, there are stories from their youth, when they climbed trees or kissed under a tree for the first time. As people age, so do the trees. They therefore need special protection.
The united raiffeisenbanken grafenberg-forchheim-eschenau-heroldsberg have now also set themselves the task of highlighting the importance of old trees. "Methuselah in the garden and courtyard – the value of old, unique trees is the theme of this year's nature conservation prize awarded by the bank in cooperation with the district association for horticulture and land conservation forchheim and erlangen-hochstadt.
"Trees are a part of the landscape and shape the appearance of a place. The older the more. They not only give our landscapes distinctive character", says johannes mohr of the district office forchheim. The campaign is launched to make people aware of the importance of old trees. "If you buy a plot of land to build a house and a tree is in the way, you should think about how this tree can be integrated and does not have to be cut down", according to rainer lang, chairman of the united raiffeisen banks.
Anyone can participate who is particularly fond of an old tree. It does not have to be one's own tree. Citizens in the catchment area of the united raiffeisen banks as well as towns, municipalities, associations and federations are eligible to participate.

Expert commission evaluates

Interested parties can still apply until 30. Apply on july to the vereinigte raiffeisenbanken in eckental, the local horticultural associations, the kreisverband fur gartenbau und landesverband in ebermannstadt or the kreisverband fur gartenbauvereine in wachenroth.
The award ceremony will take place in november. The nature conservation prize, which was awarded for the 17th time. The prize money of 5000 euros is awarded for the first time. "The winners will then be able to do what they want with the money, says mohr.
The expert committee makes its decision according to the following criteria: type of tree, state of care, landscape, townscape, tree history, biodiversity and biological structure.

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