Two more death traps

Two new confirmed corona traps on monday 20. April, in the county of bad kissingen. There are two male figures involved here. Currently, there are 126 confirmed corona traps in the county. 228 corona traps have been confirmed in the district of bad kissingen so far. 93 people were discharged as healthy. So far, there have been a total of eleven deaths due to corona. 217 people are currently in quarantine.

In the burgerspital hammelburg, two more residents suffering from corona have died, so there are now three deaths there. 20 residents and eight employees tested positive for covid-19. An employee has recovered. From the senior center kramerswiesen oerlenbach, there are recurring numbers of corona sufferers. 19 residents tested positive, 15 residents tested negative, one resident recovered. Ten employees are corona positive, 26 tested negative. Seven employees have recovered. Five residents tested positive for covid-19 have died. There are no changes to report regarding the other facilities affected, the district office further announced. All the facilities are in close contact with the health authorities and, in the case of the senior citizens’ facilities, with the home supervisory authority. Extensive protection measures are coordinated.

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