Two franks still looking for each other in berlin

two franks still looking for each other in berlin

The story of the two royal children is currently being told on the spree as well. Even if in a slightly different form than in the famous ballad, many observers in political berlin are asking themselves: will the "blacks" find their way into the coalition? And the "reds really to each other? Or do the parties not come together because the water is too deep for the parties in the end??

While the supposed rough coalition partners alternately have their hearts beating faster and then come to blows again, andreas schwarz (SPD) and thomas silberhorn (CSU), who represent the electoral district of bamberg-forchheim in the bundestag, also have to come to terms with the idea of becoming political best friends in the future. Good, the connection is closed only on time. The marriage contract for the government bank is to last a maximum of four years. If no one files for divorce before.
Schwarz, the former mayor from strullendorf, who played for the "reds" for the first mail in berlin squats, indirectly confirms the first attempts of acceptance between the french sozis and csulern at the spree: "with mr. Silberhorn i have not been drinking a beer yet. I saw him in the restaurant the other day. You just say hello, the freshly minted federal parliamentarian describes the first rough encounter of the french federal politicians around the reichstag.

Schwarmen sounds different
"I met mr. Schwarz briefly in berlin", confirms thomas silver horn briefly and briefly. Swarming sounds different. The two federal politicians from the bamberg-forchheim constituency don't seem to be in any hurry to get close.

Especially since the children of the coalition still don't know whether they really want to get together. Because even if all the signs point to a merkel/gabriel cabinet, the coalition is still up in the air. "Whether the grand coalition will actually be formed has not yet been decided", stresses andreas black and sends still another warning signal to the CSU/CDU behind: "we have only on wednesday at 15 o'clock the crucial fraction meeting. Sigmar gabriel will then find out whether the member referendum on a possible coalition will be held at all." The last minute speeches are decisive.

"In these days, the last gordian knots still have to be cut. If that doesn't happen, I'm in favor of not entering into a coalition at any price", says schwarz. A coalition only makes sense if the "SPD can also find itself in it" in terms of content, black finds. And? To what extent is the social democrat from strullendorf reflected in the coalition papers?? "It must be said that a CDU/CSU-SPD coalition will not be a love match, but will remain a marriage of convenience." That does not sound like butterflies in the stomach. Mind stings heart in political berlin. At least that's how it seems.

"There was a fulle of disagreement. But I will not be guided by anger or other emotions", says silberhorn all nuchtern. When things get emotional, you have to be highly concentrated and wide awake, says silberhorn. The CSU man also remains ice-cold when it comes to the SPD's heartfelt wish that people should be allowed to retire earlier again. "We must not give in to the SPD's desire to undermine the pension at 67 again." The reforms of the last grand coalition had only made the pension future-proof. Now the narrowing shoulders of the next generation should not immediately be overloaded again, thinks silberhorn and perhaps argues inwardly a bit more than he likes to admit.

Not all sunshine and roses
Even black does not seem to be free of negative feelings: "on the subject of tolls, the CSU is not acting honestly. I sometimes get angry because populism is being practiced here instead of politics," says schwarz, says schwarz and quickly returns to a more pleasant topic: "i've already made friends with berlin. My office is now even furnished", tells black and black from the noble address "under the linden trees a stone's throw from the reichstag.

Soon, thomas silberhorn will also pay a visit to his new colleagues from franken in berlin. "We have remained in such a way that we sit down together once he has got his office up and running", betrays silberhorn, who relies on "pragmatic cooperation" as soon as the as soon as the issues affected his home constituency of bamberg-forchheim. "When it comes to regional issues, we will work together. We know each other. We are also not strangers to each other", says schwarz, too, and then argues about his perhaps soon-to-be new coalition friend:

"unfortunately, we were not able to push through eurobonds. The union is prolonging the debt crisis through a misguided political coalition", argues himself black, while silberhorn rejoices: "our major negotiating success in my round of talks is that we expressly reject the communitization of debts. There is therefore no room for eurobonds or a debt redemption fund."

Instead, there seems to be room for the french man friendship on the spree river. The chances of a political romance are not bad. Even if both sides are still a little coy.

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