Trucks over 3.5 tons should leave thurnau

Trucks over 3.5 tons should leave thurnau

Heavy articulated lorries, which are torturing their way through the upper market in thurnau – a picture, which should soon be a thing of the past. The residents, who suffer from the truck traffic, and the municipality agree on this and have now drawn up a joint list of demands, with which the market wants to enter into talks with the specialist authorities. The two most important points: the narrow passage is to be closed both in and out for trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tons or more. A speed limit of 30 km/h is also to be introduced to slow down speeders and provide more safety.

Timely solution?

"I hope that a solution will be found in the near future", says resident wolfgang meier, who still has his doubts about this. Because the municipal council had already made the basic decision a year and a half ago that heavy traffic should be kept out of the historic town center. "However, the project has not been pushed forward with any seriousness to date." The man who complains about it lives with his wife josefine at the most tricky place, where the state road is just three meters wide – and where it has already crashed many times. "Several trucks have already hit the corner of our house", says thurnauer, for whom the current regulation is not sufficient, according to which the road is only closed to trucks from 3.5 tons in the direction of the marketplace. Like many of his neighbors, he is calling for a general ban on trucks.

The consequences

This is also the wish of the municipality, which intends to present the proposals to the traffic authority at the district office, the police, the state building authority and the freeway directorate after the summer break. Burgermeister dietmar hofmann (SPD/open list) makes it clear that a closure would have a major impact on neighboring roads and that the consequences would therefore have to be carefully examined.

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