“Tiger 2” is raffled off

It still doesn’t look like a real tractor of the historic eicher brand, type tiger 2, but soon it will be the center of interest. On the first sunday of september there will be the eighth edition of the cult "eicher-meeting in affalterthal.

One of the highlights of the festival is the raffle of an old oak, this year a tiger, which until recently stood in wannbach. These bulldogs were built from 1968 to 1971. There are only 900 pieces of it.

The proceeds of the raffle will go to the parents’ initiative for children with cancer in erlangen, which supports members of the initiative during the treatment of their children, for example with an apartment.

From now on it is possible to buy it. The raffle ticket costs one euro and can be purchased up to 1 january. September at the raiffeisenbank egloffstein, the gas station vogel in egloffstein, at forstgerate-schupferling in affalterthal and then on the spot during the festival (31. August until 1. September) can be purchased. Two years ago, at the seventh eicher-meeting, about 10 000 euro in donations were collected.

At the eicher meeting, around 150 different old eicher tractors, which were built in forstern near munich until 1992 and have since been produced in india for the local market, usually travel to affalterthal with their fans from all over germany to buy spare parts or take part in a training course in repair or to see the eicher in action: in skill races, plowing or pulling. The festival is only held every two years due to the rough terrain.

Dieter porisch is the motor of the festival, which takes place on his meadow, the former doriese. He has five ovens of his own and so much expertise that he has taken on the raffle ovens, repaired them and brought them up to scratch. Finally, the oak should also be handed over to the new owner in running order.

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