Three steps to the letter

Three steps to the letter

The curriculum vitae is ready, the certificates have been compiled – all that's missing is the cover letter. Many applicants are having a hard time with this. It's a little easier with these tips:

– getting to the point: the cover letter is not about first impressions. Because many recruiters read the resume first, says jurgen hesse, application coach and guidebook author. Only if it fits, the letter follows. So no one has to repeat right at the beginning what qualifies them for a job. That would also be too much text. "The entry should not be longer than two to three lines", council hesse. "Think about what your core message is: why are you applying, and conversely, what does the employer gain from hiring you??"

– charm wins: "your ad appealed to me." This is what recruiters read countless times a day, so applicants don't stand out from the crowd. Hesse therefore says: it's better to do something completely different, even if it's unusual. If you live close by, for example, you can advertise that you will never be stuck in traffic. "If it is charming, it is better than a phrase." Ideally, this is the way to convey the core message, i.E. To prove one's creativity – or at least one's special commitment.

– avoid small mistakes: even if the cover letter is not the first impression, such missteps are fatal. "It is a matter of rounding off a positive overall impression", says hesse. And small errors show that someone has not made an effort. That is why the expert also advises to personalize the salutation, even if no contact person is mentioned. "If necessary, you can always write to the president or CEO of the company, followed by 'dear sir or madam'."

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