This picture can also be seen at the “artkronach”: naked schone does headstand

this picture can also be seen at the 'artkronach': naked schone does headstand

A few meters away from the huts on hussitenplatz, namely in the kronach synagogue on zitterstrabe, you can find something quite unusual, inspiring and soul-stirring – in other words, art. And this may not only be marveled at, but also bought. To the 36. For the first time, the two weekends, saturday and sunday, 8./9. December, and 15./16. December, from 3 p.M. To 7 p.M., the "artkronach" art fair instead of. "This year, for the first time, we have invited almost exclusively local artists to offer their works", says ingo cesaro of the organizing association regionale kunstforderung kronach. In the meantime, the interest of creative people in our region has become so great that they – and not the friendly artists from the nurnberg metropolitan region – have been given preference.

From the small leporello for the handbag up to the 50 centimeter large, spherical sculpture made of cherry wood, from the coarse-format oil painting up to the gingko tree foldable to A4 size for the living room shelf, the variety of the offered works is large. The price range is just as rough: you can get less than a "twenty" for your home, but also spend well over 1000 euros per piece.

The chairman of the organizing association, ingo cesaro, and the organizer of the fair, peter bannert, are particularly pleased about four new participants. Claudia fortsch (trainau) offers sketches and paintings. Werner theunert from kasendorf has created sculptures from poplar, elm, yew, apple and cherry trees, which are reminiscent of the globe and compress the beauty of the tree itself in all its color tones and in all its force to a few centimeters.

How to combine old poetry and curved letters with modern sketches and pictures is shown by peter korn from meeder.

Particularly original: a picture of a naked beauty standing on her head, with lines draped around it in elegant letters from sten nadolny’s novel "farling’s summer freshness can only be read if you stand on your head (or turn the picture upside down).

Copies of rough masterpieces

Mysterious is one who has been a dear "guest" for many years the fair is: gaby michel has been guided by the desire to call humanity to a more conscious approach to nature. A rethinking she liked with her in green kept beauty "saint hope" anstoben. An english nursery rhyme on the picture frame is a playful invitation: "one, two, three, four, five, once I caught a fish alive". Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, then I let it go again."

An absolute autodidact is harald popig from stockheim. It is all the more impressive how genuine his multi-layered, oil-painted copies of rough masterpieces such as the "mona lisa" are have an effect.

"Art has no museum character with us", emphasizes ingo cesaro. And this is how the works are presented at the art fair: standing on the floor, lying on tables. In kronach, art can easily find its way from the artist to the customer.

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