The week: angela i. And the butterbread

The week: angela i. And the butterbread

Ready for some poetry? Then we’ll let konstantin wecker off the leash for a moment: the grapevine becomes so terribly heavy in the fall, and in order to survive, he simply gives it away again.

It just had to be done. Because the grape harvest is underway. Besides, on thursday, the first french feathered boar was on the table. Along with a sandwich. Because friday was "german butter sandwich day. Such a thing should have been a legal holiday – but no one listened to us.

In this context, the bavarian state office for statistics and data processing pointed out that butter production in bavaria was 78,703 tons last year. But somehow we already knew that since the bavarian elections and the crowning of king horst the first: in bavaria everything is in butter.

Oh yes, the elections. Feels like it’s been months again. It is said that many people have not left the house since then and have taken refuge in their own four walls in a panic. Why? Because in the newspaper there was the news that the FDP is out of power. . .

Since the elections, the question is once again who can last the longest. The competition is: which party will be the last to remove its posters?? Until wednesday, everyone was well in the race here. Then the lines would thin out a bit, but there’s still enough to be able to pick a winner sometime next week.

Therefore, the hint to the followers: after the election, posters look like a crudely laid out landscape disfigurement. An argernis. This week, the german automobile association (ADAC) also called for the immediate removal of advertising posters from roads, under the headline "parties block the view of the essentials", because they represent "a danger to traffic safety that should not be underestimated".

Whereby one must add that apart from the traffic security also a certain general danger must be attested, after now already again from tax increases the speech is.

Even though it is not yet clear whether angela I. If you’re carrying a red or green handbag, we’d like to point out to the new government that it would be stupid to start with broken promises. You could also say it lyrically: the people become so terribly heavy on politicians in the fall, and in order to survive, they simply give them away again.

The week always looks back on saturdays at what our authors have noticed in the past seven days.

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