The only grouse breeder far and wide

The feathers of these chickens are curled in a peculiar way all over the body and give them a completely different appearance than one is used to from the usual chicken breeds. Stephanie becker agrees. "Her funny figure, in connection with the trusting nature, has immediately drawn me into her spell", she swarmed.

The only breeder far and wide
The chairwoman of the geflugelzuchtverein mainleus 1955 is in these widths the only breeder of this rare breed. She has devoted herself to the "dwarfed" variation in the white color scheme prescribed. "It was not so easy to get hold of such animals. Five years ago, after a long search, I finally found what I was looking for in the area of central franconia and was able to get hold of a rooster with two hens from a breeder", the 35-year-old is delighted."These female woolly chicks are very robust and can be kept in the open all year round. When I sit on the bench near my chicken coop and watch the radiant white roosters and hens foraging on the well-kept, green lawn, it is the best way for me to relax from the daily grind, it is pure meditation", the professionally successful businesswoman is very happy.

In general, in the house of becker, as a balance, the occupation with the feathered cattle is written very roughly. Son nils proudly presents his first honorary ribbon, which he won with his modern english dwarf fighters, bahama ducks and hammered egg doves. Daughter josephine has also won numerous trophies with her cohesive egg doves. And mama stephanie has already landed a great cup this year: in october she presented her grouse for the first time at a prestigious show, the german young poultry show in hannover, and was able to get the highest score "excellent" for one of the hens achieve.

Anticipation of the county show
So the beckers are already looking forward to the coming weekend, when the local small animal breeding club will host the district show of the kulmbach district in thurnau. Here they will take part with many of their fosterlings and hope for good ratings and numerous prizes.

The thurnau exhibition manager berthold popp is very satisfied with the achieved entry result of over 850 animals. 54 different breeds of geese, ducks, chickens and pigeons in many different colors and shapes will be on display. "This show is dedicated to our honorary chairman, who died unexpectedly this spring, and will be held as a 'klaus gehard memorial show'", says popp. "With him we have lost a personality, which will be found only rarely in the breed of poultry. My team and i have put a lot of effort into creating a representative exhibition. We want to commemorate in an appropriate form the breeding achievements of an exemplary breeding friend."

The county show will be opened tomorrow at 2 p.M. In the dieter ganzzleben hall in thurnau. On saturday the animals can be visited until 5 pm, on sunday from 9 am to 4 pm.

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