The city music school moves to michelsberg

the city music school moves to michelsberg

She has been a nunnery, a lunatic asylum, a university outpatient clinic and a social foundation outpatient clinic. Now the former benedictine provost church of st. Faithful to a future as the city’s music school.
Fortunately, the city is taking a much more cautious approach to the current renovation than it did in 1870. When the sacralized monastery building was converted into a lunatic asylum and a new staircase was needed, a piece from the choir of the directly adjacent church was simply used for this purpose. So it happens that the stylized eye of god is in a "half".. Ceiling painting hovers above the staircase.

The brutal intervention of that time cannot be reversed. The staircase is needed to make the multi-storey building accessible in the future as well. This was explained during a tour of the construction site by bertram felix, the city’s finance and foundation officer, and karin hamper, who is overseeing the renovation on behalf of the city’s real estate management department.

The staircase is one of several examples that illustrate the changing history of the baroque building, which was built around 1733/1735. In consultation with the preservation of historical monuments, the historical interventions should not be erased, but as little old substance as possible should be damaged during the ongoing work. What is now being removed are only "structures that came in during its use as a mental hospital", assures hamper. Felix attaches great importance to the fact that the entire building installation will be relocated in such a way that "any other use is possible".

He means that looking to the future, said the foundation officer. No one can say today what use the building, which is attributed to justus heinrich von dientzenhofer, will one day be put to.
It is currently being refurbished to meet the needs of the music school. Bamberg’s up-and-coming musicians are to bring life to the old walls from the 2014/2015 school year, following a decision by the city council. The existing 50 rooms of different sizes are also ideal from the point of view of the music school management.

From auben, work on the building, which was erected as a women’s monastery by the bamberg benedictines of michelsberg, is nearing its end. When the scaffolding comes down, it will be clear what has been done: the roof area of around 900 square meters has been newly covered with slate, and the sandstone facade has been cleaned and restored. What no one can see: the roof trusses were repaired and the mansard roof was dammed to prevent heat loss.

Before the onset of the cold season, the work will shift inward. The condition of the building is roughly equivalent to that of a shell. Fixtures from the recent past have been removed. The shaft from the old dumbwaiter provided valuable services, report hamper and felix, because rubble from the upper floors could be easily transported down through the opening.

During the extension, the shaft was to be used for new supply lines.
What distinguishes this monument renovation from others is the attention that the st.Getreu foundation as a builder puts on the footstep and sound insulation. Building physicists and acousticians have calculated it for each room, so that later the music students do not hear each other and disturb each other. Felix: "when ten little children are playing and jumping upstairs, the one who is rehearsing his beethoven underneath must not feel disturbed."

Music school ticket for city bus
apropos storung: because the relocation of the music school could draw more traffic to the mountain area, the city council’s decision was not well received by all burghers. The politicians have therefore promised to make busing more attractive, so that as few children as possible are brought and fetched by car.

One year before the start of operations, negotiations are reportedly already underway between the music school and the city’s public transport company. As tim niklas kubach from the city hall press office said when asked, "all schools that register a need for the bus will receive a music school ticket". In a trial phase, the duration of which has not yet been decided, it will be made available free of charge.

Felix estimates the cost of renovating the former provost’s office at 1.7 million euros – half a million more than initially estimated. "Guilt" the increase is the extent of the damage. Because there are grants from the federal government, the state and the city, the own contribution of the city is limited.Getreu foundation to 300 000 euro.
The biggest challenge so far, according to hamper, has been the static securing of the northern wall of the awning. Standing on the edge of the slope to the ottobrunnen and leaning precariously towards the eaves. The problem has been solved with steel girders on the inner walls.

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