The church is now empty inside

The church is now empty inside

In wiesentheid on sunday we said goodbye to the mauritius church, the interior of which will be extensively renovated in the next few years. The catholic parish celebrated the move to its new domicile in the parish hall with a solemn mass.

"We take with us what is important to us and what makes us at home there!", said pastor peter gottke, who celebrated the solemn mass with the clergy alfons junker, winfried heid, deacon karl leierseder and father stefan of the schonstadt fathers.

In the middle of the gospel, the service broke off, and the relics of a church – from holy water to the paschal candle with stander, monstrance and statue of the virgin mary – were taken in procession to the parish hall, accompanied by the church musicians. There, in the new hall, they celebrated the end of the fair.

The church is closed, only the architect can open it again

but before that, the heavy door of the mauritius church was carefully closed by sacristan annaliese aschermann and the key was handed over to architect georg boswald von brunn, who will be responsible for renovating the church in the coming years.

"We leave this church for many years in order to move to an alternative quarter. We hope that our house of worship will then shine again in glory!", gottke printed out his hopes.

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