The carnival jesters performed well in eltmann

The eltmann carnival call "wallbuh the carnival committee and the organizers of the carnival procession were again able to welcome many floats and carnival groups, also from surrounding towns, on tuesday. Their "waggon" was a great success! In the rough "orient-express limbach. More than 40 acts formed a colorful gaudiwurm, from which the numerous original fubgroups stood out.

Not only the caravan of the carnival committee was delirious in "1001 nights". The eltmann organizers were also supported by "micha baba and the 40 thieves" (fan club of the oshino-volleys) accompanied. In addition there were "aladin with his "knights of the rooster, "ali baba and his 20 women" as well as the partly veiled "wustenprinzessinnen" from the kindergarten weisbrunn. The guest of honor was "walburga I. And nepomuk I. A prince and princess from eltmann joined – and as further special guests pope kunigunde hildegard I. And gabriele beier ganswein.

The weather with a blue sky and the flashing sun could not have been better for the carnival finale. Maybe the "wetterkapriolos" (fan club of the oshino from the kindergarten limbach their fingers in the game. The boys and girls from the eltmann kindergarten also looked into the vastness of space during their act with the "sterntaler-marchen". The tenth anniversary of their carnival club was celebrated by the "weisbrunner kracken" and also the "wallis-team looked back on ten years and promoted the eltmann gastronomy.

The carnival jesters put some local events in the foreground and were happy about the new landing stage at the river main. "Thanks to the new landing stage – the whole world comes to franken." In their district, the people of dippach fear traffic problems on their race course: "to run into the village, you need courage" and that is why they demand a walkway. In the city center, however, there is suddenly not even a cab and therefore jumped "hanni" one who even wants to drive emission-free in the future.

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