Summer column (10): vacation with two time zones

Time is not equal to time. When you’re squeezed into a plane, four and a half hours can seem like 16 hours – and at the end you even think the clock has stopped.

The fact that people talk at the same time about time flying by shows the whole dilemma.

On the other hand, no matter how long they take, the nice things are always over much too quickly.

The fact that time is a phenomenon is also shown by the different doctrinal opinions. Some say, for example, that we don’t have too little time, but that there is too much time that goes unused.

The time on the clock

Albert einstein, on the other hand, saw things more pragmatically and had his own idea: "time," he said, "is what you read on the clock."

Our sense of time is subjective and tends to distort perception – especially on vacation. One thing is certain: if you do nothing and are bored, you will be on vacation for a long time.

At the same time, however, the second half of the vacation goes by much faster, it almost slips away between your fingers. On the second day you still think: wow, i have eight long days ahead of me. Only to wake up the next day and realize: it’s departure day. Whereby it is completely unclear who has stolen the past eight days. So every vacation consists of two time zones – and ten days are not ten days.

Playful and frozen

The fact that time is so different is perhaps also due to the fact that everyone deals with it differently: some people freeze it. Others gamble it away. Or turn back.

Perhaps the best way to summarize the phenomenon is that everyone has no time. Nevertheless, there is always enough time to tell people that they don’t have time.

"Ready for vacation" appears in loose succession during the summer vacations.

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