Spardorf grammar school: erlangen-hochstadt plans new building for 55 million

spardorf grammar school: erlangen-hochstadt plans new building for 55 million

The new district administration office cost almost 40 million euros. For the district, the attractive administrative building was previously regarded as a historically rude building investment. So far. For almost 55 million euros are now planned for a new building of the grammar school in spardorf. Of this, about 18 million euros came from the free state of bavaria.

On thursday, the district council gave an important signal in a joint meeting of the school and building committees. They rejected a renovation of the existing building and unanimously favored a new building. Ultimately, however, the district council still has to decide.

Redevelopment almost as expensive

Yesterday's decision in favor of a new building was based on the structural and cost-engineering calculations of the district's master builder, thomas lux. The variants had been examined meticulously. Conclusion: a refurbishment and extension would "only" cost 52.5 million euros, taking into account the additional space required, barrier-free access and modern energy efficiency two million euros cheaper.

In addition, a new building would have the advantage of eliminating the need for an interim building. The new building is to be erected on the school grounds right next door. Construction to start in 2022, construction time three years.

The county council did not take the decision lightly. There were several interventions. Almost 55 million euros is not a small price to pay, noted elke weis (FDP). The investment is "at the sound limit". German hacker (SPD) called for a "zero-energy building" to set. The small cost difference is a compelling argument in favor of new construction. "With the construction sum two million difference are like a rustling, quasi the wabbling at the surface", according to hacker. Renovation can quickly become more expensive than expected.

Andreas hanjes (SPD) urged the burgers to understand that taxpayers' money was not being thrown around frivolously, but that there were urgent reasons for the new building. These are in the substance of the building. It dates from 1972, so it has more than 50 years under its belt. Currently, the emil-von-behring-gymnasium in spardorf has 1100 students. The number is to grow to 1300.

The CSU faction, as well as district administrator alexander tritthart (CSU), are in favor of a new building as the most economically sensible option. The grunen faction had been waffling for a while. Here, district councilor lutz brautigam asked the committee in detail whether it was really necessary to use so much concrete. But in the end, the greens also swung over to the new building.

For hochstadt will be tested

And what is the situation at hochstadt high school?? After the west building and the break hall have been renovated and the main building has been torn down and rebuilt, the college staircase is currently under review. The greens had submitted a list of questions to the district administration. In particular, whether and when a new building/extension of the college school building is to be expected. The answers were presented to the district building committee yesterday. Accordingly, a review is currently underway to determine whether more space is needed due to the reintroduction of G9. If yes, the district would be on the state's list for request funds. To "be able to act in case of need", are in the budget 200.000 euros set aside for planning costs.

The condition will be checked every two years, as the construction of the school is "time-consuming" among other things asbestos was processed. Currently, however, there is no need for renovation. The greens had also asked whether fire protection is fully ensured. According to the building authority yes. Whether fire protection doors are necessary is currently being tested. Recently, rescue stairs were installed (on the building that may soon be ready for demolition) for around 90,000 euros due to mandatory safety requirements.

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