Silver, bronze and various pins in untersiemau town council

silver, bronze and various pins in untersiemau town council

The last meeting of 2018 of the municipal council on thursday in the town hall was dominated by the honoring of deserving burghers. Untersiemau now has two new holders of the silver medal of honor – konrad reibmann and paul kratochwil. In addition, thomas burger and edeltraud obermuller received the bronze medal of honor of the municipality. In addition, deserving community servicemen were honored. Frank weber received high praise from mayor rolf rosenbauer (CSU) for his ten years of service as second mayor and chairman of the sports and culture committee.

"A gentleman of the old school, so rosenbauer, was awarded the medal of honor in silver. For konrad reibmann, it goes without saying that he would use his commitment for the benefit of others. The rough horse of the organizational talent was athletics. For many decades, konrad reibmann had been in charge of the local championships and the taking of the german sports badge. In addition, he had volunteered tirelessly for TSV scherneck as a department and training manager. Reibmann is a welcome guest at countless sporting events and a competent interlocutor, he says. Rolf rosenbauer said to the honored: "a club needs role models like you, our society needs you." And further: role models like konrad reibmann are a poster child for the community.

22 years in the town council

About the next recipient of the silver medal of honor, paul kratochwil, rosenbauer said he often offers his helping hand to others. On the other hand, in earlier years, paul had been a gifted but hard-nosed field hockey player in habfurt. Later he played soccer in obersiemau. He enjoys the trust of his fellow men, rosenbauer outlines him. This had helped him in the municipal elections. He has been an honorary member of this committee for 22 years. His contributions are always factual, based on general knowledge and common sense. Rosenbauer: "he just said something when there was something to say!" As chairman of the fire department of birkach am forst he had helped to shape village life. Born in czechoslovakia, he has always been interested in the understanding between nations. Today, kratochwil uses his commitment in the community’s work with seniors or supports the implementation of the legendary hiking trails. Paul kratochwil already received the municipal medal of merit in 2012 and the coarse pewter plate of the municipality in 2014.

"To live for the sport and to love the sporting work", this is a statement that applies exactly to the next person to be honored, rosenbauer continued. "TSV untersiemau, table tennis and the name thomas burger – these are elementary building blocks that are inseparable", the burgermeister noted and honored burger with the bronze medal of honor. Thomas burger has been a member of the TSV board for over 40 years and has rendered outstanding services as head of department. Equally decisive is his commitment to the TT youth. But he also still cultivates his sport. Only in 2016 burger had been elected sportsman of the year in the municipality. Rolf rosenbauer told burger: "it’s nice to know that you’re there for others, and reassuring that things work out when you’re there!"

"Culture is a cornerstone of our social life – i.E. Music and singing. And that is what the name edeltraud obermuller stands for – in fact the whole obermuller family", rosenbauer states. With edeltraud obermuller, it is the song material. The mayor awarded her the bronze medal of honor of the municipality. The cultivation of the song and the preservation of the song property lay to her particularly at the heart. With the choir "eintracht untersiemau, she has been a member of the board for many years and has been its chairwoman since 2007. In addition, obermuller has been leading the supra-local organization "itzgrund" since around the turn of the millennium in the coburg-kronach-lichtenfels singing circle.

"Glad that we have the wehren"

Four floriansjungern were thanked for their many years of meritorious service to the community. Acting district administrator reiner mattern and rolf rosenbauer praised above all the teamwork of the fire brigades. The voluntary commitment includes not only firefighting operations, emphasized mattern, but also technical assistance, support during heavy rain events and, and, and . . . "We are glad that we have our armed forces for the service of our neighbors!" If young people were trained today, it was above all in the security of the future that investments were made, the two said.

KBR manfred lorenz, KBI reinhard hartung and KBM krischa heim helped with the honors. The following were honored for 40 years: helmut stammberger (weibenbrunn am forst) and walter martin (haarth). The following were honored for 25 years of service: andreas baader (birkach am forst) and rene faustmann (obersiemau).

Rosenbauer also had a little treat to announce during the meeting: as of 1 january 2009, he will be a member of the board of directors. January 2019 the municipal gazette is distributed free of charge to all households on a 14-day basis. The previous fee of twelve euros is dropped without replacement. This was decided by the municipal council in the non-public meeting in november.

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