Shot, corona hairstyle!

Sabine memmel the phone never stops ringing. Since it became known that the hairdressers were going to be on 4. When the new store is allowed to open again on may 1, everyone wants to get an appointment as soon as possible. For four weeks, all hair salons have been closed because of corona. Many long for the next haircut and new color on what has become far too coarse an approach. For many customers hardly bearable. "Some of them called us and wanted an appointment in spite of the closing time. Of course we did not do that. The safety of our customers is the most important thing for us", stresses laura gottstein (29), owner of the hairdresser webers in forchheim.

Even if what you’re wearing on your head doesn’t really feel like a hairstyle to many people, you should never take up the scissors yourself: "it’s usually a mess", winks gottstein. That’s why she and her brother-in-law, make-up artist and cosmetician juliette gottstein, give styling tips on how to bridge the gap until the reopening of the hairdressers and how to achieve a really great hairstyle in the shortest possible time, even with a home office and childcare at home.

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