Schwarz asks for objectivity

Wildenberg – in a statement on the letter to the editor "rainberg: happy timber auction" (28. November, page 13) erwin schwarz, the district chairman of the bavarian farmers’ association in kronach, first thanked mr. Schedel for the report on forest road construction on the rainberg on 25. November. Forest management has something to do with the word "economic efficiency" to do. "In a forest that is not developed", so "black" necessary care makings are carried out more rarely and the forest is damaged by the climatic change more strongly." If wood is removed during a tree removal, everyone gets upset. And: "what happens in case of calamitates (windthrow, snowfall), when thousands of hectares in one area are damaged?? Mr. Rahm gets upset when the same flat is needed for a hardware store just outside kronach?"
To the hunt romance belong also the hunt and utilization of game. He, black, have the utmost respect for people who spend their free time with the care and maintenance of the game. In developed forest areas this work goes much more easily.
The BBV-funktionar wortlich: "all burger want the energiewende, only not before the own hausture. Saving energy – not me, just the others. New lines must be built, but not with us. Our politicians have come up with the idea of underground cabling freely according to the motto ‘out of sight, out of mind’. The additional costs are estimated to be low, the burger wants it that way. In the end, the extra costs will pay all consumers. In this sense, I ask all citizens of hamburg to objectively form an opinion, taking into account all the advantages and disadvantages. And not only to see their own advantage."

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