School enrollment in the district of kulmbach is in free fall

school enrollment in the district of kulmbach is in free fall

The number of students at the schools in the district’s responsibility for the subject matter remains constant only at the vocational school center. As the head of the department, achim geyer, reported at yesterday’s meeting of the school and social committee, there has been a clear downward trend at the other secondary institutions for years.

They are a reflection of the number of births in recent years, which have also been declining steadily, geyer said. Drastic is the development at the middle schools, the realschule and the two gymnasiums in kulmbach. On the other hand, he described the figures at the vocational school center as absolutely pleasing: "they are stable, that is due to the positive mix of teaching professions."

Fewer professional drivers

District administrator klaus peter sollner agreed: "the numbers are very positive. If you see them in context with other vocational schools in upper franconia, they are even outstanding." Only in the training profession "professional driver" observe a downturn.

Here, klaus peter sollner brought the question of many visitors to the training fair into the discussion: "what will happen to autonomous driving in 15 years??"

According to geyer, the economic situation is having an impact on the district’s technical colleges. For many years, it has not been possible to form a new class of heating technicians.

The neuenmarkt business school has slipped to an absolute low, because after 80 students in 2016/17, it has now reached 48. It has not been possible to form a new seventh entry class.

No influence on class-strong

Veit pohlmann (FDP) pointed out that the desire for smaller classes had arisen following the numerous school tree removals. Here, the district administrator made it clear that class formation is a matter for the ministry of education: "the district has no influence on this, we cannot define the strongest classes."

Pohlmann predicted that the number of students in secondary schools will continue to fall. Although the structural prerequisites for smaller classes have been created, there is a lack of political will to make more teaching staff available for this purpose.

Doris leithner-bisani (CSU) disagreed to some extent: "the class sizes at caspar-vischer-gymnasium are lower than ever before!"

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