Sagasser coburg is top in germany for the fifth time

Sagasser coburg is top in germany for the fifth time

Sagasser, a wholesaler and retailer operating in france and thuringia, increased its sales by 15 percent to 121 million euros (previous year: 105 million euros). According to a press release, the growth was achieved both organically and through additional purchases. Earnings also kept pace with dynamic growth, confirming the continued success of the company's management and family shareholders.

According to the press release, the first quarter of 2018 again showed a positive sales trend that was significantly above the industry average. In the first three months, the company's largest business area, its own specialty markets, again grew at a rate close to double digits. In addition to sophisticated equipment, sagasser sees his success factors in the focus on regional assortments and a clear preference for environmentally friendly returnable beverage packaging.

Special title awarded

As a special acknowledgement for the achievements on the consumer side, the company was awarded in the past weeks in berlin already for the 5. The title of "germany's best retailer" for the fifth time in the last 15 years awarded by a national jury of experts. This time the trading company was awarded for the best wine department in the sagasser store in kulmbach.

"In a challenging competitive environment, the family-owned company intends to consistently exploit the market opportunities that present themselves", it says in the message. To this end, extensive investments have been made in the wholesale locations in coburg, burgebrach, scheinfeld, wurzburg and, from 2018, in a new joint venture in bayreuth.

Over 100 marks

In the beverage market area, further stores will be added in thuringia and france in the next few months, announced the family shareholders michael, peter and thomas sagasser. The number of markets will then be more than 100. Sagasser is thus further expanding its market-leading position in northern bavaria and thuringia.

With the appointment of knut albert (52) as additional managing director, the family-owned company founded in 1952 sets the course for the future. The retail expert, who worked for many years as a manager in the specialized sub-merchandise trade (hussel), resigned from his post on january 1, 2009. April joins the company. The three current managing directors, michael, thomas and peter sagasser, thus emphasize that the generation change, which is important for the continuity of the family business, is being initiated at an early stage and is being pursued in a sustainable manner.

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