Rough salary differences for the same profession

Rough salary differences for the same profession

This was reported by the "frankfurter allgemeine zeitung" with reference to a study by the hamburger consulting firm personalmarkt for the newspaper. For example, someone working in marketing or sales in frankfurt earns an average of more than 60,000 euros a year, but only just under 44,000 euros in leipzig.

The classic differences between north and south, east and west were not dissolved. "Nothing is really happening," personnel market boss tim boger told the newspaper. It is even to be noted that in the east, the proportion of holders in the national average across all occupational groups has recently even fallen again slightly in some cases after several years of increase. The earnings in popular occupational fields in 15 rough german cities were investigated.

The differences can be quite considerable, even in the west: for example, a scientist in saarbrucken earns an average of 61,564 euros, but in dusseldorf, 68,282 euros. A doctor in munich earns 95,340 euros gross per year, in bremen only 83,713 euros. However, experts advise against moving to another city just for the sake of a comparative salary: in most cases, the extra money is eaten up by higher rents and living costs. "You get the most out of the little money in cottbus," says boger.

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