Rotger feldmann advocates more environmental protection

Rotger feldmann advocates more environmental protection

Despite his love of motorcycles, environmental protection is important to cartoonist rotger feldmann (aka brosel). "It’s sick to destroy the best good, the most beautiful thing in the world," feldmann told the german press agency.

As an example, he cited the clearing of the amazon rainforest and the search for raw materials. "For one lump of gold, hundreds of thousands of liters of water are ruined."The inventor of the cartoon character "werner" ("hau wech die scheibe") will die on 17 june. Marz 70 years old.

Feldmann supports a people’s initiative opposing the use of controversial fracking technology in natural gas demand. "In the end, we’ll have to drink even more water from plastic bottles," feldmann said. He was impressed by the swedish climate activist greta thunberg: "i think it’s really good what kind of movement she has started." Politicians "had a look and now they’re slowly starting to do something".

However, he does not fully understand the "euphoria about electric cars" that prevails in germany, said the draftsman. "If everything that’s driving around here now is suddenly going to be electric – where are the resources going to come from??"

For brosel, an electric car is not – yet – an option for everyday use, mainly for practical reasons. He has a hard time with electric stations that require an app to use them. "So i would have been stuck with it."

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