Puma house: showrooms on the plaza

Puma’s new building is due to be completed around the end of march 2020, and the excavators are currently busy preparing the construction site. The so-called "puma house" is being built where the former plaza used to be, along with a soccer field. On wednesday the project was a topic in the building committee.

At the moment the earth is being cleared. The former plaza, i.E. The open space between the outlet, the office building and the brand center, has become a rough construction site. The new building will have a surface area of 4000 square meters and will mainly contain showrooms where, among other things, key accounts will be shown the new products. These rooms are to be designed flexibly, according to the company’s press office.

The "puma house" will also feature a new customer restaurant was to be built, covering around 620 square meters of floor space. The cafe next to the outlet, now called "the beck is being built. The space is needed for an expansion of the concept store, the information continues.

The archivist helmut fischer can also be pleased. He gets his archive in the basement of the new administration building on the other side of the north bypass. In the "puma house according to fischer, there will be an exhibition about the history of the sporting goods company, as it was last shown on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the company. Birthday of the pirate cat on the "puma bridge was shown. This should also be open to the public, said fischer.

Incidentally, the building project is not new to the building committee, as an application was submitted a year ago and was approved. Some minor changes have now been made, said susanne strater from the city’s planning department. Usually this kind of thing is compensated for by a construction plan. In this case, however, the approval had already been obtained, which is why the plan had to be resubmitted, according to strater.

But that was not a problem: the planned construction complies with the provisions of the development plan, according to the proposed resolution. The changes were also really marginal, said strater. Formally, this required a new application, which was quickly added to the agenda on wednesday and approved by the building committee.

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