Psv is completely off the mark in the derby

PSV franken suffered a bitter and clear defeat on 9. Matchday of the 2. DCU-sportkegel-bundesliga-nord at the ligarivalen and spitzenreiter CKC morenden bayreuth with 5559:5328 einstecken. The host played again a team track record against the franconians and even increased it by 50 skittles to 5559.

Two more single records by steffen honninger (983 total) and 266 on lane 4 were just too much for the puppenstadter, who couldn’t cope with this difficult course. So PSV no longer has the favorite role and goes into the next games as a jager.

The start for the "blue discs michael moosburger lost to michael prill and sascha hammer had to deal with stefan kullmann. It’s no secret that the ESV facility in wagnerstadt is not one of the neustadt team’s favorite rinks due to its difficult behavior. Michael moosburger once again did not play at the level that actually defines him. Nine misses and many individual errors brought the actual top performer to 891 wood and he was thus inferior to michael prill (957), who was in a good mood on this day.

Sascha hammer also fought against the peculiarities of the facility and mooed his way to 888 wood and was also against kullmanns 906 cones the loser in this duel. For the french this already meant a minus of 84 skittles at the start of the game.

Bieberbach did not get going

In the middle pair it came to the duel jurgen bieberbach against steffen honninger and nephew bastian bieberbach against rene ott. Jurgen bieberbach is also miles away from his normal form on the "waiting lanes" remained at a meager 860 wood. He lost 123 woods to the new and old track record holder steffen honninger (983 woods), who celebrated on this day how the ESV tracks have to be played.

Bastian bieberbach was the only one of his team with 918 wood who presented himself in normal form on this day and took some cones from his opponent rene ott (855 wood). However, the gap was already almost hopeless 144 wood and did not make it easier for the final pair.

Gabelein and geiger without a chance

Dietmar gabelein and jochen geiger were left to limit the damage and maybe even get back a few more woods. But also here the hosts did not show any weaknesses and did not love the french the slightest chance. Gabelein velor with his 898 woods another 44 woods on stefan landmann (942 woods) and jochen geiger remained with his 873 woods also only statist with julian bohm`s 916 woods.

In the end, the team suffered a heavy defeat of 231 wood and was once again defeated by bayreuth, which outgrew itself. PSV must improve to be able to continue in the promotion race. The next tough away game is already scheduled for friday in geraberg. The hosts showed with 5943 wood that they are hard to defeat on their tracks.

Voices on the game

Jurgen bieberbach (captain PSV franken): i am a little short of words to describe what happened today. I don’t agree with our performance at all and this was not fair to a top team. Bayreuth has once again found the right recipe against us and is a deserved derby winner. We congratulate the better team to the two points. Rudiger niebergall (team manager CKC morenden): I am proud of my team, which showed a great performance. Mm

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