Pharmacists help children with diabetes in kaliningrad

In russia, as almost everywhere else in the world, type 1 diabetes is the most common chronic childhood stool disease. In the kaliningrad region 326 children and adolescents under 18 years of age are registered with diabetes. Most have type 1 diabetes.

Pharmacist hans-peter hubmann, who is vice chairman of the aid organization "apotheker helfen" (pharmacists help) e.V. Engaged, explains: "from our cooperation with the association ‘diabetes children of the kaliningrad region’ we know that the state medical care for these children is limited to the prescription of drugs."

The association therefore offers the children, their families and caregivers regular training and leisure activities so that the children can learn to cope with their illness.

"Pharmacists help" e.V. Gladly helps here and supports the mabnahmen. Pharmacist hubmann is convinced of the importance of this help: "we pharmacists know that the treatment of diabetes is much more than just administering medications. Proper lifestyle management can greatly improve the quality of life of patients. But this requires education and advice.

I’m delighted if my work with ‘apotheker helfen’ e.V. To help these young people lead fulfilling lives despite their chronic illnesses."

Happy days at the baltic sea

With the help of donations from "pharmacists help" e.V. This summer, 20 children and adolescents from kaliningrad suffering from diabetes were able to take a course of treatment at the special clinic in otradnoe on the baltic coast. The aim of the cure was to better explain the disease to the children, to make the rules for nutrition comprehensible and thus to be able to optimize the measurement of the blood sugar level and the administration of the insulin amount. "In addition to all the medically necessary training, the children also simply enjoyed a few carefree days at the seaside", pharmacist hubmann is pleased and adds: "of course we will continue our support for these children in 2020."

In the coming weeks, "pharmacists want to help" e.V. With the association "diabetes children of the kaliningrad region" continue to cooperate to implement stocking of blood glucose test strips. The test strips should help children from poor families to actually carry out the measurements they have learned to take

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