More and more lonely people at risk of poverty

More and more people in germany live alone – and significantly more single people than before are at risk of poverty. Single people and single parents are also particularly often over-indebted.

At the same time, loneliness as a social problem is increasingly coming into focus: because, according to studies, lonely people have a higher risk of becoming ill and dying earlier.

the city music school moves to michelsberg

She has been a nunnery, a lunatic asylum, a university outpatient clinic and a social foundation outpatient clinic. Now the former benedictine provost church of st. Faithful to a future as the city’s music school.
Fortunately, the city is taking a much more cautious approach to the current renovation than it did in 1870. When the sacralized monastery building was converted into a lunatic asylum and a new staircase was needed, a piece from the choir of the directly adjacent church was simply used for this purpose. So it happens that the stylized eye of god is in a "half".. Ceiling painting hovers above the staircase.

The brutal intervention of that time cannot be reversed. The staircase is needed to make the multi-storey building accessible in the future as well. This was explained during a tour of the construction site by bertram felix, the city’s finance and foundation officer, and karin hamper, who is overseeing the renovation on behalf of the city’s real estate management department.

Crazy real: bale and last-minute speculation

World champions in spending money: with the record signing of gareth bale, real madrid has strengthened its leading position in the "league of million-dollar transfers. The three most expensive transfers in soccer history were all made by the "royals.

Before the welshman bale, whose transfer fee was put at 100 million euros by his former club tottenham hotspur, real president florentino perez had already brought in cristiano ronaldo for 96 million euros and zinedine zidane for 72 million euros.

Schaaf remains coach in bremen for the time being

The coach’s monument is crumbling, but will be trimmed once again after nine winless games in a row. Werder bremen holds on to coaching institution thomas schaaf. For the time being, at least until this weekend’s home game with bayer leverkusen.

"Thomas schaaf is sitting on the bench in leverkusen," confirmed club boss klaus filbry and sports general manager thomas eichin.

Gunther geiling for the county council building committee the all-day road trip is a high point in county politics every year in the fall. In the process, the district councils take a close look at the district road network. It goes into the steigerwald and the habberge – also into remote "corners". 321 kilometers has the circle road network. This time it was quite different, because the road trip only took place virtually due to the corona crisis. The members of the committee met in the meeting room of the district administration office in habfurt. The focus was on the expansion plan for the period 2020 to 2026, which was approved with a cost volume of over 24 million euros.

During the meeting, which was chaired by district administrator wilhelm schneider, the district council members saw video images of the state of the trenches. Damaged spots on roads and bridges as well as special traffic situations were pointed out.

In russia, as almost everywhere else in the world, type 1 diabetes is the most common chronic childhood stool disease. In the kaliningrad region 326 children and adolescents under 18 years of age are registered with diabetes. Most have type 1 diabetes.

Pharmacist hans-peter hubmann, who is vice chairman of the aid organization "apotheker helfen" (pharmacists help) e.V. Engaged, explains: "from our cooperation with the association ‘diabetes children of the kaliningrad region’ we know that the state medical care for these children is limited to the prescription of drugs."

The burghers for buttenheim" initiative had invited to an information meeting in the meeting room of the buttenheim fire station. Around 130 people from buttenheim accepted the invitation, including butteneheim’s mayor johann kalb (CSU/zwdg) and several market town councillors. Csilla jambor, first chairwoman of the "grunes herz friesen" association, was able to moderate the event, to be won. A not entirely easy task, since emotions had to be channeled again and again and the contributions to the discussion had to be brought back to a factual level.

The executive committee of the burgerinitiative with dagmar dunker, markus grunwald, norbert rumpler and udo schamberger had prepared a power-point presentation to present their view of the northwestern bypass with a traffic circle. The aim of the event was to present the burghers with "factually sound information" giving them "a solid basis for their decision on the 3rd round". November", as udo schamberger, one of the initiators, put it.

Uber 250 kilometers of agony: new world cycling champion wanted

258.2 challenging kilometers, 18 crisp climbs, only one world champion: at the world road cycling championships in imola, italy (10.00 o’clock/eurosport 2/ZDF) the konigsrennen is on.

Who will follow danish mads pedersen, who took the cycling crown in harrogate, uk, last year?? The team from the federation of german cyclists (BDR) is not among the closest favorites, but is counting on a lot despite some prominent absentees.

From monday, 28., until probably thursday, 31. October, employees of main-donau netzgesellschaft, a subsidiary of n-ergie aktiengesellschaft, are on the move with a helicopter in the network area. Between 8 a.M. And 5 p.M. Each day, they will fly over a total of almost 350 kilometers of overhead medium-voltage lines in the counties of neustadt an der aisch-bad windsheim and erlangen-hochstadt. The area for flying over the medium-voltage overhead lines essentially covers the eastern district of neustadt an der aisch-bad windsheim. The district of erlangen-hochstadt is only flown over in the west, namely in the area of lonnerstadt and hochstadt, according to the company.

Flying only in clear visibility conditions. Due to weather conditions, the inspection may therefore be delayed. Due to the use of the helicopter, there may be noise and downwind in the areas to be inspected. The main-danube grid company asks the residents for their understanding.

Ice tigers win del wintergame in front of record crowd

The 4:3 victory of the nurnberg ice tigers against the german champion eisbaren berlin in front of a european record crowd was almost a minor matter at that moment. Despite constant drizzle and low temperatures, the spectators created a goosebump atmosphere. "That was a rough event for german ice hockey," said ice barbarians coach don jackson, "because of the defeat we are naturally frustrated."Nurnbergs kapitan patrick reimer was happy about the "pleasure" of playing in front of so many fans. "It was an incredible and indescribable feeling when i looked into the crowded range," said the 30-year-old.

Connor james gave the nurnberg team a 1-0 lead only in the second period and went down in history as the first goal scorer in the DEL wintergame. Berlin defender florian busch equalized two seconds before the end of the third with a brute shot. "I didn’t realize at first that the puck was in it," he told servus tv. Tim schule scored to give france the lead again, but berlin captain andre rankel made it 2-2 just 27 seconds later.