the struggle of eastern artists in the transition period

30 years after the peaceful revolution, the leipzig museum of fine arts (mdbk) deals with the turnaround in a rough exhibition.

"Point of no return. Wende und umbruch in der ostdeutschen kunst" (turnaround and upheaval in east german art) shows more than 300 works of all genres by 106 artists on about 2000 square meters. The work reflects the time before the fall of the wall. The upheaval itself and the redefinition of art afterwards are also presented.

Parents do not challenge children to be gifted

The figures from the ministry of education speak a clear language: in the district of starnberg, about 58 percent of children attended a grammar school in 2010, in the district of regen in the bavarian forest just under 30 percent. If bavaria's divided school system is really geartungsgerecht, love that only one possible explanation to: in starnberg live twice as many children with the necessary gymnasialintelligenz as in the homeland of minister of agriculture helmut brunner (CSU).

But all experts actually assume that the young people of lower bavaria are at least as smart as the young people of starnberg. The reason for such regional discrepancies is only partly to be found in the school system. The figures also provide clear evidence that many parents are not lucky when it comes to choosing the right school.

silver, bronze and various pins in untersiemau town council

The last meeting of 2018 of the municipal council on thursday in the town hall was dominated by the honoring of deserving burghers. Untersiemau now has two new holders of the silver medal of honor – konrad reibmann and paul kratochwil. In addition, thomas burger and edeltraud obermuller received the bronze medal of honor of the municipality. In addition, deserving community servicemen were honored. Frank weber received high praise from mayor rolf rosenbauer (CSU) for his ten years of service as second mayor and chairman of the sports and culture committee.

"A gentleman of the old school, so rosenbauer, was awarded the medal of honor in silver. For konrad reibmann, it goes without saying that he would use his commitment for the benefit of others. The rough horse of the organizational talent was athletics. For many decades, konrad reibmann had been in charge of the local championships and the taking of the german sports badge. In addition, he had volunteered tirelessly for TSV scherneck as a department and training manager. Reibmann is a welcome guest at countless sporting events and a competent interlocutor, he says. Rolf rosenbauer said to the honored: "a club needs role models like you, our society needs you." And further: role models like konrad reibmann are a poster child for the community.

Erhardi breads are an ancient and unique need

It is an ancient and unique custom that only exists in wichsenstein in french-speaking switzerland: on sunday, during the festive service for the patronal feast of saint erhard, to whom the wichsenstein parish church is dedicated, about 6,000 erhardi breads were blessed by priest ludwig mazur and distributed to those attending the service. The patronage ceremony was accompanied by music from the gobweinstein-wichsenstein community choir. The small, about two-euro-stick coarse breads are stamped with the image of st. Erhard, are durable throughout the year and are supposed to help when consumed against sore throats and eye ailments. "But you have to believe in it", says joachim roppelt, deputy chairman of the parish council, who again organized the baking of the erhardi bread. Every year, ten to twelve volunteers from the parish shape and bake the erhardi breads themselves. The recipe for the dough has been handed down for centuries, as has the use of the dough itself, estimates roppelt. Not even the oldest people in the village knew many years ago how old this tradition is and who introduced it to wichsenstein.

No written documents

"There are no written documents about it, it was handed down from generation to generation by word of mouth and continued until today", explains roppelt. There are several churches dedicated to st. Erhard. However, nowhere else there is the need of erhardi bread, which could now be in danger in wichsenstein.

When trees tell a story

Trees play a role in the lives of many people. For example, there are stories from their youth, when they climbed trees or kissed under a tree for the first time. As people age, so do the trees. They therefore need special protection.
The united raiffeisenbanken grafenberg-forchheim-eschenau-heroldsberg have now also set themselves the task of highlighting the importance of old trees. "Methuselah in the garden and courtyard – the value of old, unique trees is the theme of this year's nature conservation prize awarded by the bank in cooperation with the district association for horticulture and land conservation forchheim and erlangen-hochstadt.
"Trees are a part of the landscape and shape the appearance of a place. The older the more. They not only give our landscapes distinctive character", says johannes mohr of the district office forchheim. The campaign is launched to make people aware of the importance of old trees. "If you buy a plot of land to build a house and a tree is in the way, you should think about how this tree can be integrated and does not have to be cut down", according to rainer lang, chairman of the united raiffeisen banks.
Anyone can participate who is particularly fond of an old tree. It does not have to be one's own tree. Citizens in the catchment area of the united raiffeisen banks as well as towns, municipalities, associations and federations are eligible to participate.

Expert commission evaluates

"We must help our colleagues in the affected flood areas, who are now facing nothing, and show solidarity", said the herzogenaurach businessman lothar maydt at the general meeting of the forder- und werbegemeinschaft a few weeks ago in the hotel herzogspark. Now the owner of the household goods store of the same name has put his word into practice.

"I had tears in my eyes at the television pictures, it is terrible to have to watch, if the existence sinks in the water or swims away", maydt tells us afterwards.

The mailach through road has been reopened for a few days – now well over 10,000 trucks and cars are passing through the town every day again. Residents on the B 470 breathe a sigh of relief nevertheless. "The traffic noise has been cut in half", schwarmt georg stirnweib.

The state construction office nurnberg had the road surface renewed and the manhole covers adjusted. The residents along the busy federal highway are convinced of the result. "A noticeable difference, it has become much quieter", notes martin ochs, whose property is located on the federal highway, as is georg stirnweib’s. When a car drives by now, he thinks it’s an electric car.

Bavaria's gate cannibals want to be 'right at the top

Even an expert on soccer madness like oliver kahn needed a night to understand that the seemingly surreal 8-2 triumph of his FC bayern against FC barcelona was real.

“Only now do i realize what really happened yesterday at the estadio da luz,” tweeted the former goalkeeper titan, who celebrated the title triple in his first year on the munich board of management.

Djk kirchaich hits the bull's eye with skate night

The inliner department of DJK kirchaich organized a skate night at the oberaurach center in trossenfurt. Lisa heil, the head of the inliner department, emphasized: "with the participation in this action we want to set an effective sign and contribute to protect the children and young people in our club from the danger by alcohol."

Therefore, the association had deliberately decided against serving alcoholic beverages and instead offered a cocktail bar with delicious non-alcoholic cocktails. Information material on addiction prevention was also distributed in order to sensitize children, adolescents and their parents to the responsible use of alcohol.

Milestone in the fight against cancer: bavarian center for cancer research starts in erlangen, germany

The six universities in augsburg, erlangen, munich (LMU and TUM), regensburg and wurzburg and the associated university hospitals joined forces yesterday in erlangen to form the bavarian center for cancer research (BZKF). The state of bavaria is setting new standards in the fight against cancer, according to a statement from the ministry of science.

Ceremony with minister president

At a ceremony with minister president markus soder (CSU), science minister bernd sibler (CSH) signed the cooperation agreement together with representatives of the universities.