New building comes to the garden

New building comes to the garden

They come, they listen, they discuss. Whenever a castle meeting is called for uetzing, the meeting room is bursting at the seams. This also happened on wednesday at the "zum kutscher" inn.

Mayor jurgen kohmann had invited the citizens to present three important projects for the village at muhlbach and doberten. "We start with the smallest ones – "flexi group" theme, the mayor began the round of talks. 16 meters from the main building of the catholic kindergarten st. The new building in the garden of the area is removed johannes der taufer in the pfarrer-krapf-strabe. In traditional solid construction with trapezoidal sheet metal roofing. 18 new places will be created here, twelve of them as regular places and six as daycare places.

The two buildings were then connected with an arcade, with access from the lower property line. The fire department and rescue service access routes are also located here. The previous public playground there was relocated. During the construction phase, the gymnastics room of the kindergarten could serve as a temporary accommodation, but this is not yet ready for discussion, according to the city’s master builder andreas ender.

"The church will not finance it, but can imagine running it. We invest and the church is the operator", jurgen kohmann summarized the financial situation. Discussions with the cathedral mountain had taken place, but "for additional places there is no support", reported the mayor. Slight murmur among the predominantly catholic listeners.

Including ancillary costs, the construction costs are estimated at 840,000 euros, with a claim of 520,000 euros to be expected. Only one subsidy is provided by the church administration fund.

On around 176 square meters of new floor space, there will be spacious dormitories and group rooms, space for storage, sanitary areas and for parental talks. The contributions were not increased, as well as additional staff will be hired, explained mayor kohmann furthermore. The lichtenfels architecture firm morhard is also on board.

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