Nathalie grammon wants to become a mayor

"It is a small sensation!", said SPD local association chairman jochen korner (redwitz) at the SPD’s nomination meeting for the municipal elections in the rosenau "hofbrau in marktgraitz: "there is a spirit of optimism here!" After the SPD local association of marktgraitz had been dissolved a decade ago, a list of members of the town council and, with nathalie grammon, a candidate for mayor was now being put up.

The nomination of the candidate for mayor nathalie grammon and the list of councillors were both unanimous. The SPD municipal council list is made up as follows: nathalie grammon (place 1), ivonne mahr (2), klaus knoop (3), stefan stumpf (4), josef sunkel (5), thomas schiller (6) and alexander ortleth (7).

Nathalie grammon introduces herself

Mayoral candidate grammon introduced herself as a native of bayreuth. Having grown up in a socially committed parental home, she first worked as a dental assistant after finishing secondary school and then went to the AOK in kulmbach, where she was also a team leader. Since november 2019, her new workplace is at the AOK in coburg.

Grammon does voluntary work for the handicapped, also in children’s and youth groups, where she passes on her love of nature and her responsible attitude to nature. She is also involved in the animal shelter.

Although she has only lived in marktgraitz for a short time, the mayoral candidate has already settled in very well here, helps out at the gymnastics club and has already taken part in the christmas market with the spdlers at a stand that met with a great response.

She had also already recognized problems and deficits in the community, grammon explained. Her first point was to address vacancies. Here, with the help of demand programs, it is necessary to make greater efforts to renovate buildings and to find living space, perhaps also space for companies to set up business. This is also an important point in order to stem the population decline in the rural communities as well as in marktgraitz.

Making the place more lovable and livable, and not just on the thoroughfares, was also important to her. Accessibility is also a factor here "we still have enough "stumbling blocks", said grammon.

She also attaches great importance to close cooperation with the associations, as well as to the effort to eliminate weak points in the town together with the citizens. Citizens’ meetings, get-togethers with local residents and site visits open up opportunities for joint development.

The continuation of the zone 30 from steinachbrucke to the narrow section ("people drive much too fast here!") is another point. "And what happens to the seniors, what happens to the youngsters??" A meeting place for senior citizens and a village store were good starting points here. For the youth, there was nothing going on in marktgraitz, a youth club, perhaps also in connection with neighboring communities, could provide relief. Wkn

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