Motorcycle season: tips for a safe start

Motorcycle season: tips for a safe start

For jurgen fischer, it has become an annual ritual. When he takes his motorcycle out of the garage in the spring, he doesn't get on and ride off, but takes his time first. He takes a close look at his BMW R1100 (90 hp). Checking, for example, whether the technology is working, the tires are ok and whether every screw is tight. "I don't ride before", says the 58-year-old, who lives in eltmann and enjoys a fascinating hobby there with a number of like-minded people: riding motorcycles.

Enormous power
On rough trips with the motorcycle friends eltmann he is on the road for days with the two-wheeler, enjoying transferring enormous power to the road with a single handgrip. It is, as he says, a quest, a real passion. And unfortunately not without danger. Because for motorcyclists, the probability of an accident is "many times higher" than for car drivers, as roland says than for car drivers, according to roland volpert of the police prasidium unterfranken. For one thing, a powerful vehicle like a motorcycle is harder to control. Motorcyclists are also at risk because they are easily overlooked by motorists.

According to the police, 526 people were injured in 584 traffic accidents involving motorized two-wheelers last year, and 13 riders lost their lives. Even before the start of the actual season, on 5. January this year, one motorcyclist killed in an accident in habberge county. The police does not want to scare anyone with such numbers, but warn: who swings on the motorcycle, should never do it thoughtlessly and without preparation. With their safety concept, they want to ensure many accident-free rides.

Arrive safely
The authority has also published a flyer entitled "the fascination of motorcycles – safe on the road – safe on arrival" let design. Among other things, the officials recommend regular driver safety training, especially for beginners or returning drivers. According to the police, annual participation in such training courses is also very useful for those who already have many years of experience driving their machines. "By the way, here the professionals of the motorcycle squad of the police of lower franconia set a good example. They also regularly take part in driving safety training.", says roland volpert.

For jurgen fischer, safety is a top priority. The family man has had his motorcycle license for 40 years, and he has never had an accident, even though there have been a few dicey situations. He is not afraid of the possible dangers on the road, but he has a lot of respect, as he says. And even with his years of experience he only dares to get on the road if he knows that his machine is in order.

So when he takes the bike out of the garage, there are a few things that can be checked immediately and very easily: "lighting, turn signals, brake lights", fischer pays up. The electrical system works? If so, the review continues elsewhere. Do any screws sit loose? Due to vibrations while driving, something could have been loose. Fischer also recommends an annual oil change.

Testing the brakes
A thorough brake check is also essential: are the brakes working properly?? Is the brake fluency okay? "They should be changed every two to three years", says ficher. He has it done in the workshop, they have the necessary tools and aids for it. In the past, he did more work on his motorcycles himself, but today it is no longer so easy. For your BMW motorcycle, year 2000, you need a lot of special tools. If something is not in order, you can also check at home on sight. For example, whether the brake pads are still good or the tread depth of the tires is correct.

Another important aspect for fischer is the protective clothing: is the helmet intact, does the visor have any scratches that could worsen the view in unfavorable sun conditions? Fischer's advice here is clear: "replace! Otherwise you save in the wrong place." The 58 year old also says: "driving with foresight is the best insurance besides the intact technology"." Because that way you can often defuse dangerous situations in time. With his motorcycle friends (who, by the way, are a subgroup of the eltmann motor sports club) he also regularly exchanges information about routes, road conditions and new findings.

Checklist motorcycle
Oil level the oil level should be checked regularly (in the case of cardan shaft drive, also consider oil levels in the gearbox and final drive). A complete oil change is recommended once a year.

Chain that the chain (if necessary. The timing belt) is in good condition is elementary. For some types of motorcycles with cardan shafts, a regular inspection by a specialist is recommended, as the drive is usually covered.

Brakes the function must be thoroughly checked before each start of the season, as well as the state of the brake fluid (if it is older than two years, it should be changed).

Tire tread and air pressure check.

Lighting functioned light, turn signal, jerk light?

Suspension load test when stationary.

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