More safety for cyclists

Since the reconstruction in the intersection of nurnberger/holzgarten- and moosstrabe is finished, the improvements are not only lane- but also visible. Gone are the days of bumps and uneven road surfaces. The new markings ensure more safety on the road. "Cyclists in particular are now much better protected", is pleased second mayor jonas glusenkamp (grunes bamberg) in a press release from the city hall.

"Especially at intersections, dangerous situations often occur between bicycle and motor vehicle traffic", adds the mobility officer of the city of bamberg. "More than half of the accidents involving cyclists in urban areas occur at intersections. However, the improvement of bicycle traffic guidance at this point benefits everyone, because cyclists can now be seen much better in cars as well.", emphasizes glusenkamp.

Now with "rotfurt

In the course of the roadway rehabilitation and marking on the main axis nurnberger strabe, not only was the previous, provisional "yellow marking" replaced. A "red ford city wardens now ensure greater attention and better protection for cyclists.

At the same time, in the area of the side streets at the junction of holzgartenstrabe, a so-called widened parking lane for cyclists has been designated, which extends over the full width of the lane in front of the traffic lights. This means that motor vehicle traffic stops at a red light at a setback stop line, giving cyclists the opportunity to pass on the right and position themselves in front of the waiting vehicles.

On the other side of the intersection, the cyclist in moosstrabe will now find a stop line that is advanced in relation to motor vehicle traffic. Same effect here too: the new markings attract more attention from drivers waiting behind them. They are in the field of vision, and the risk of a collision between a car and a bicycle when turning right is significantly reduced. "Another advantage: cyclists no longer get the exhaust fumes of the cars directly in their faces. This also applies in particular to children in bicycle trailers", according to mayor glusenkamp. "In addition, the timing of the traffic lights was readjusted. The green phase has been extended. This also leads to an increase in safety.".

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