Local elections in wartmannsroth: betz runs as a lateral thinker

local elections in wartmannsroth: betz runs as a lateral thinker

Manuel betz (39) surprised even his wife katharina (36) with the idea of running for mayor: "i can't always just get upset that nothing is changing.", he explains the decision, and: "i don't want to watch how life in the village is becoming more and more anonymous." He has never run for a local political office before, but now he wants to get it right: manuel betz is one of the three mayoral candidates in the municipality of wartmannsroth.

The 39-year-old was nominated by the electoral association volkersleier-heckmuhle, i.E. The list of the previous incumbent jurgen karle. "But that's a coincidence", reports betz. The special feature: manuel betz is not on the group's list of candidates for the town council. "There were many inquiries", he refers to speech with burgers. His answer: "I hope for the opportunity to do what I like to do." And his wife katharina weber-betz is also on the list. Manuel betz is pleased that women are at the top of all the lists and wishes his wife that she can also contribute her views as a social pedagogue.

"I hope for as diverse a municipal council as possible", the mayor comments on the municipal elections. He sees the fact that, in addition to mayor jurgen karle, twelve of the 14 municipal council members are no longer running as an opportunity for a fresh start. And that is also necessary: "the support for the community is getting smaller and smaller", is his criticism, and: "many citizens don't feel understood." His opposing view is: "i want to communicate with people at eye level." That's exactly how he organizes his election events: informal gatherings at bar tables, no lectures, but dialogue. This is also well received. In his view, communication with the burghers is far too often by letter or other means, and as mayor he would prefer to introduce more office hours and an open administration.

That is why manuel betz did not set out any specific project for the start of a possible term as mayor in the interview. "When I come to a new company, I don't just tell them where to go", says the 39-year-old. He has complete trust in the young team at the town hall in wartmannsroth when it comes to administrative matters. "The citizens should say again: this is our community", must be the goal of the administration, the new mayor and the future municipal council.

The master electrician also wants to approach projects with a similar open mind: "sometimes it's better to do less and first think about where you can invest the money more sensibly", says manuel betz, and: "a lot of money is wasted." Often, for example, with a bit of craftsmanship, more old building fabric can be preserved during renovations. Here he wants to contribute his experience as a knowledgeable person. The citizens expected more flexibility from their municipality, which is why mayoral candidate betz promises: "I am always open to new ideas."

In times of demographic change, urban land use planning is becoming increasingly difficult: what do you think of the planned development area in wartmannsroth, including the relocation of the playground, and in which other parts of the community do you think new building sites are needed??

Manuel betz: the need is great, as many young families want to stay in their hometown or return home. Club life, daycare centers and schools are very important to them and it is therefore up to the municipality to create these opportunities and provide them. To preserve. There is still a lot to be said and clarified on the subject of relocating the playing field. The costs were too high and not comprehensible for many of our fellow citizens. New building land does not always have to go hand in hand with new building areas, there is also potential for families or house builders in the village center. Here I would like to create new incentives.

Flat communities in particular have their problems with infrastructure, from roads and local transport to broadband and mobile communications: where is the problem in wartmannsroth and what can the community do to improve it??

Local transport has always been an issue; even in my youth, there was only a very limited offer, which has been proven to exist. However, it is necessary to test an expansion that will ultimately be accepted. Broadband expansion has reached every part of the village. Now it is time to take the next step, fiber to the home (FTTH). In the castle meeting, mayor karle announced the construction of a mobile radio mast. We must now attract the operators to invest in our interests, in order to eliminate the white spots.

What would you do first if you were elected mayor??

At first, I didn't pursue a specific project. Rather I would like to arrange and evaluate the feedbacks of the past election events. In order to then achieve objective changes, I would like to get to know the everyday life of our municipal employees and understand how these processes come about.

Private manuel betz is 39 years old and grew up in wartmannsroth and volkersleier. He is married and has three children.

Beruf betz completed his secondary education at a vocational high school and obtained his high school diploma. After military service and an apprenticeship as an electrician, he studied in nurnberg, but switched to the master's exam. The specialist is currently undergoing training to become an expert in the field. Since 2011 he works in lohr as an electrical designer in the industry, besides he has registered a small commercial enterprise.

Offices manuel betz belongs to include the fire department and the sports club. With his tenor horn, he strengthens the "wartmannsrother laushammel" and soon again the brass band. He has not yet been active in local politics.

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