Joy of contact with people

joy of contact with people

Entering the cafe ezzilo in the BRK "live and work" etzelskirchen, you will meet there a busy young woman. Setting tables, cutting bread, pouring drinks – these are just a few of gabriele meier's tasks. She has trisomy21 and has been working in the service area of the senior citizens' facility for ten years now.

After finishing her schooling at the wilhelm pfeffer school in herzogenaurach, meier started work a good ten years ago as an employee at the benedikt munni workshop of the barmherzige bruder gremsdorf (brother of mercy). But it was clear to the young woman from the outset that she didn't want to work in production, she wanted to get out. Because contact with people gives her the most pleasure.

After an internship in a retirement home, it quickly became clear to her: "that's what I want to do!" How she got her so-called auben job at the BRK home in etzelskirchen. At that time, she was one of the first employees of the benedikt-menni workshop to find a job outside the core facility in an external company.

Positive development

Since the beginning of her work, gabriele meier has been accompanied by lutz tamaschke, inclusion coach at the barmherzige brueder gremsdorf. A close cooperation takes place with christiane vallazza. She is responsible for meier as team leader of the service area and on site. Vallazza and tamaschke confirm meier's positive development over the past ten years. The 29-year-old now works a two-shift system, including weekends about once a month.

Tamaschke comes to the senior citizens' facility once a week to provide individual support in the event of questions, conflicts or the need to talk. To deal with the "peculiarities to cope well with the handicap, patience, attention and professionalism on the part of their superiors and colleagues were necessary, said tamaschke. These are also the guarantors for the next ten years.

The director of the senior citizens' facility, octavia-sorina mercan, also congratulated meier on her tenth anniversary and described her as a "very hard-working, well-accepted and, above all, very popular person with the residents busy.

Gabriele meier lives in hemhofen and usually takes the bus to work. The 29-year-old likes to spend her free time with her nieces and nephews, especially with her godchild samuel.

She talks enthusiastically about her "great passion for running marathons", for which she trains up to four times a week in order to be able to participate successfully in competitions.

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