Hsc relies on continuity

Hsc relies on continuity

The HSC 2000 coburg relies on its preserved board team in the next two years. At the annual general meeting last monday in the HUK-coburg-arena, the leadership of the club was confirmed in their respective functions. There were dissenting votes for the higher membership fees that were ultimately resolved. Retroactive to 1. July, a basic fee will now be charged for passive members, as well as an additional fee for active members.

The financial situation of the club, which was caused by a tax demand of almost 260,000 euros a few years ago and was caused by a former board of directors, has eased somewhat. The club makes its payments on time and, in addition, a claim for damages of 228,000 euros against the tax advisor who worked for the HSC at the time is pending before the coburg regional court. "I can’t report anything yet about the outcome and possible prospects of success, the whole thing is dragging on", said HSC-board spokesman stefan apfel.

Apfel recalled the supervisory board created last year. It had become clear that the HSC could no longer be run on a voluntary basis. With managing director michael hafner and the employees in the office, the challenges have been met. At present, the HSC has 427 members, 156 or 37 percent of whom are schoolchildren and young people under the age of 18.

The club is satisfied with the sporting performance of its teams and the work done with young talent. According to stefan apfel, the first team has recovered from a bumpy start after the relegation from the first to the second league and is currently in first place. "The season suffered from an almost unbelievable injury misfortune." But also the fluctuations in performance with unnecessary losses of points had not created a good atmosphere. After the following "major upheaval in the history of the first team" they have been successful again.

Head of the game ralf baucke attested the team an "attractive and passionate way of playing", where each position is occupied by one experienced and one young player. The goal for the second team is to stay in the league. The different youth teams of the HSC can be proud of successes and first places in their leagues according to the report of andreas muller. Muller reported on the HSC’s junior staff – in place of jens pussert, who did not run for youth director again. 72 children are cared for by the HSC, reported school director kevin von heyking. The bambinis, children between the ages of four and six, have also been in operation for two weeks. "Here the HSC also trains girls in cooperation with the coburger gymnastics club."

The liabilities of the association towards the tax office could be reduced, reported the provisional treasurer holger neumann. 131,000 euros were still outstanding, but the payments were made on time. In the next fiscal year, the HSC treasurer is planning on a mid-figure and somewhat higher club result compared to the previous fiscal year. Unfortunately, the grants and the sporting demand are jerky.

Therefore, the annual meeting of the HSC has restructured the membership fees. Retroactive to 1. July 2018 the annual fee for passive adult members increases by 15 to now 90 euro, youth (14 to 17 years) now pay 60, children up to 14 years 45 euro. For families (two adults and at least one child), each family member receives a discount of 30 percent. In addition, according to the presentation of HSC-justice marten beck the active contribution. In addition to the basic fee, this is 100 euros for players of the first and second team, 70 euros for the A and B youth, 40 euros for the C and D youth.

Club members who are active as referees do not pay a basic membership fee; if they play in one of the teams, only the active membership fee is charged. "Our extensive and high-quality youth work and the considerable services we provide need an appropriate contribution structure", beck campaigned for the new figures. Four members spoke against the new contributions, seven abstained, so that the new figures were accepted with 44 votes. "It’s a lot of money", admitted spokesman stefan apfel, but at the same time pointed out the hard-case regulation.

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