Fdp demands clarity about withdrawal from afghanistan

Fdp demands clarity about withdrawal from afghanistan

If afghan president hamid karzai reiterates the demand that the international community withdraw as early as 2013, "he will deprive the isaf mission of an essential part of its legitimacy," hoff told the "focus" newspaper. "The nato allies are not occupiers and are in the country precisely at the request of the afghan government," she added. Otherwise the mission is pointless.

The defense politician does not see a withdrawal race among the countries involved in the afghanistan mission, according to her own words. "We all depend on each other – even when it comes to pulling the trigger," said hoff. The u.S. Does not abandon its partners: "there is still the assurance that the americans will help us with our biggest problem: the rescue of wounded with the necessary helicopters."

Karzai’s advance and his talks with the taliban are seen by hoff as an indication that he intends to stay in power beyond 2014 – even though afghanistan’s constitution forbids it. "Once the international community is gone, the constitution will be up for debate again," she said.

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