Don’t permanently turn night into day at carnival

Don't permanently turn night into day at carnival

The rest researcher and book author hans-gunter weeb (56, "sleep works wonders") has warned against turning night into day, proverbially, for almost a whole week during carnival.

"It is in the nature of the human organism that one can get by with less sleep. However, you have to be aware that even one night with too little sleep has mental and physical effects," said the head of the interdisciplinary sleep center in klingenmunster, rhineland-palatinate.

Attention suffers as a result of increased sleepiness. "The risk of accidents at work or in traffic increases. The immune system is weakened after just one night without sleep, which can be seen in reduced T-cell function. In the event of an infection, the cold can break out sooner," said the psychologist. And sleep is also a memory booster: "without sufficient sleep, memory suffers."

On the other hand, another effect is less serious: studies have shown that people who have slept through the night are perceived as less attractive. "Some people can even do without their kohl pencil after a few nights without sleep, because the circles under their eyes have formed all by themselves," weeb said with a smile.

All of these are reasons to make sure you have a good balance between partying and getting enough sleep, he said. "For those who don’t want to lose their performance capacity completely after nights without sleep, naps of up to 30 minutes a day can help them from roughhousing," says weeb.

Alcohol and nicotine are not necessary for relaxation. "For a good recovery sleep after the carnival party is the moderate use of alcohol of great importance," he said. In too high doses the following deep sleep is suppressed. "This is a quarter of a liter of wine for men and an eighth of a liter of wine for women."During the second half of sleep, nightmares, wakefulness and sweating may occur. "Nicotine can have a stimulating effect and also make it difficult to fall asleep after the party," said weeb.

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