District of forchheim: new cleaners wanted for schools and administration buildings

The district of forchheim invites tenders for the cleaning of eight school buildings and four administrative buildings. One of the two bosses of the management consulting company "concept 2", on monday, heiko ebert presented the more than 18-page performance specification and the procedure. Tenders will be invited throughout europe this week. "Nowadays it is not easy to find cleaners. In some regions, companies no longer submit bids at all. But here I am confident", ebert emphasized.

Until 19. June the six to eight most suitable cleaning companies are selected. On 24. A mandatory site inspection will take place in july: representatives of the company and those responsible will look at the herder grammar school, the pestalozzi school, the district administration office, the vocational school center and the frankische schweiz grammar school in ebermannstadt.

The cleaning companies submit their bids, which are then evaluated according to several criteria. The most important criteria are price and performance (i.E., how many square meters per hour do the companies charge for cleaning). The companies will not be awarded a contract until mid-september. "In the end, a decision is made for the most legally secure – not the cheapest – offer", so ebert.

CSU county councilor lang criticized the planning process and wanted to know how much the tender would cost. Answer: this was not allowed to be announced in a public meeting. The EU tender is unavoidable under public procurement law. The threshold value is a cost of 221,000 euros. "With the four million is far above, bypassing would definitely not be possible", stressed the management consultant.

Is the performance manageable?

Reinhold otzelberger (SPD) asked about the working conditions of the cleaners: according to the specifications, a cleaner has to clean 220 to 280 square meters of classrooms per hour, for example. "Three to four classrooms for an hourly rate of 10.56 euros gross. Can it be done?"

Ebert believes that these specifications are feasible and that his company has already been involved in 300 such tenders. "When we compare, we are quite moderate", he finds. Karl waldmann (grune) also emphasized the social responsibility of the district toward the cleaners. "In all the tenders that I have participated in at herder-gymnasium, the cleaners had fewer hours available afterwards than before. And I wanted to prevent that."

Waldmann therefore requested an overview of how many hours are currently planned and how many are planned for the future by the next county committee meeting. Management consultant ebert promised: "we should be able to manage that, when the bids are in, then you can of course read it off to the minute."

Infobox: these cleaning services are put out to tender

The following buildings are to be cleaned for a period of four years:
lot 1: building yard, vocational school center forchheim, pestalozzi school and georg hartmann secondary school
lot 2: herder high school, ehrenburg high school, forchheim district office and landfill site
lot 3: frankische schweiz high school, ebermannstadt secondary school and ebermannstadt service center
lot 4: secondary school grafenberg
lot 5: glass cleaning of all buildings (a so-called specialist lot)

procedure the invitation to tender will be issued with a preliminary competitive bidding process. All cleaning companies in europe can express their interest. About the criteria of qualification and "guaranteed response time" (local reference is important) a ranking list is drawn up. Of these, only the top six to eight bidders are invited to submit bids.

Decision the evaluation of the bids is based on the following criteria: price, performance (how much area is cleaned in what time), time for object care, concept for quality assurance, concept for object organization. Points are awarded according to these criteria, and the company with the highest number of points is the most economical bid. In the case of glass cleaning, the only award criterion is price.

Minimum wage since 2007 there is a minimum wage for construction cleaning according to the law on the posting of employees. For building cleaners, the hourly wage is currently 10.30 euros, rising to 10.56 euros in 2019.

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