Critics against bypass road in buttenheim

The burghers for buttenheim" initiative had invited to an information meeting in the meeting room of the buttenheim fire station. Around 130 people from buttenheim accepted the invitation, including butteneheim’s mayor johann kalb (CSU/zwdg) and several market town councillors. Csilla jambor, first chairwoman of the "grunes herz friesen" association, was able to moderate the event, to be won. A not entirely easy task, since emotions had to be channeled again and again and the contributions to the discussion had to be brought back to a factual level.

The executive committee of the burgerinitiative with dagmar dunker, markus grunwald, norbert rumpler and udo schamberger had prepared a power-point presentation to present their view of the northwestern bypass with a traffic circle. The aim of the event was to present the burghers with "factually sound information" giving them "a solid basis for their decision on the 3rd round". November", as udo schamberger, one of the initiators, put it.

The citizens’ initiative sees the planned bypass as "purely a development road for the commercial area there and possible new commercial settlements" and thus no traceable traffic relief for seigendorfer strabe. Traffic calming could be achieved here with far less financial outlay, for example through lane narrowing, speed limit signs and increased speed controls. There was also a lack of a traffic analysis that could provide reliable information on traffic flows in buttenheim.

Criticism was also voiced about the lack of transparency in the costs of the mabnahme, the destruction of a recreational area for local residents and a further sealing of flat areas as well as the possible danger to the local flora and fauna. For the buttenheim citizens’ initiative, "the scales are tipped between quality of life and commercial development" no longer balanced and "a municipality is not a one-sided business enterprise geared to maximizing profits."

Buttenheim’s mayor kalb, on the other hand, saw the importance of the tree-cutting ceremony and the significant role of business tax revenue for the town. Other participants in the discussion spoke of the need for coordination with the neighboring community of hirschaid and of the question of how a "certainly increasing volume of traffic" could be managed can be mastered.

Other topics discussed included the effects of the planned expansion of the ICE line on traffic in buttenheim and how to conserve natural resources.

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