Control from the air

From monday, 28., until probably thursday, 31. October, employees of main-donau netzgesellschaft, a subsidiary of n-ergie aktiengesellschaft, are on the move with a helicopter in the network area. Between 8 a.M. And 5 p.M. Each day, they will fly over a total of almost 350 kilometers of overhead medium-voltage lines in the counties of neustadt an der aisch-bad windsheim and erlangen-hochstadt. The area for flying over the medium-voltage overhead lines essentially covers the eastern district of neustadt an der aisch-bad windsheim. The district of erlangen-hochstadt is only flown over in the west, namely in the area of lonnerstadt and hochstadt, according to the company.

Flying only in clear visibility conditions. Due to weather conditions, the inspection may therefore be delayed. Due to the use of the helicopter, there may be noise and downwind in the areas to be inspected. The main-danube grid company asks the residents for their understanding.

When it comes to inspecting overhead lines, main-donau netzgesellschaft regularly inspects them from the ground as well as from the air – in the case of high-voltage and medium-voltage lines, it uses drones as well as helicopters. Weak points on pylons, insulators and conductor cables can thus be detected and eliminated at an early stage. At the same time, the line survey serves to inspect the entire line route and the line vegetation.

A network operator like main-donau netzgesellschaft is responsible for ensuring that all customers connected to the power grid receive their electricity reliably. A high level of security of supply can only be achieved with a great deal of human labor, technology and regular monitoring. This involves costs: the main-donau grid company invests around 100 million euros each year in the expansion and technical maintenance of the power grids.

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