Continuing the upward trend and winning at home

The HSC 2000 coburg II has on saturday after two very difficult auswartsspiele again home right. The guest in the HUK-arena is the SG leutershausen, after all the fifth in the table in the 3. League east. The HSC reserves lost the home game against this opponent in the previous season, but won away from home, which should be encouraging. Leutershausen has with many young players this season a completely different face.

So far the team of the trainer duo ronny gohl and till riehn lacked the necessary consistency, certainly a piece far also experience. That could get better if in the course of the season such experienced guys like dominik kelm or maybe petr linhart joined the second team after his knee injury.

Recently, games with good and hopeful performances alternated with sometimes sobering results. After the "waterloo in dutenhofen, of all places, a very appealing performance followed promptly at the sovereign leader in eisenach – despite the defeat.

"With this performance, we had beaten every team in the league.", goalkeeper tim titze stated dryly. From now on, he and his players will have to be measured by this statement. Also and especially against leutershausen!

With the euphoria from the last game, it should be easier against the SG leutershausen to step on the gas right from the start. To have to start a race to catch up would be enormously difficult, after all the "red devils" are an unpleasant opponent. There is also a reunion, because the brothers of maximilian jaeger, the left wing of the first HSC team, felix and philipp, play in leutershausen.

Gohl's primary goal is to get immediate access in defense. Leutershausen practices a lot in the outnumbered game with seven against six field players. "Our defense will face an interesting task there. We also want to build on our performance from the game in eisenach", gohl says confidently.

The lineup will not change much. Kenny schramm, marvin munoz and dominic kelm are still injured. Even girts lilienfelds will not be able to help due to the tight personnel situation of the second division team.

The situation in the 3. League

In the other encounters, only thsv eisenach, who will play at HG oftersheim/schwetzingen, is a sure candidate for both points. All the other games promise to be exciting, especially the match between the host SG nubloch (2.) and GSV eintracht baunatal (4.), because both top teams are separated by only one point in the table. At TV gelnhausen (at MSG grob-bieberau/modau) and HSG rodgau nieder-roden (at TV erlangen-bruck), as well as HSG dutenhofen-M. II (with SG leipzig II at the bottom) the outcome is completely open.

HC erlangen II can close the gap on the eighth-placed team in the table to one with a win at HSG hanau.

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