Cdu secretary general urges extension of child construction allowance

Cdu secretary general urges extension of child construction allowance

CDU secretary general paul ziemiak has spoken out in favor of a further extension of the child construction allowance by nine months until the end of 2021.

Ziemiak said to the "saarbrucker zeitung" (friday), families could be confident by the demand the purchase of a real estate and became thereby an important contribution for the own age precaution to make. The federal government has earmarked a total of ten billion euros for the mabnahme. "Even through corona, funds that have already been set aside in the budget have not been called up. With it could be financed a verlangerung."

Since the 18. September 2018 families can benefit from a state subsidy for building a house or buying a property. 12 euros per child.000 euro, paid in ten annual installments of 1200 euro each.

On wednesday, the federal cabinet had extended the deadline for the child construction subsidy by three months. It is now no longer valid until the end of this year, but until the end of march. This means that anyone can apply for the benefit up to the 31. March 2021 obtain a building permit or purchase a property. The government had explained that due to corona, the issuance of building permits and the signing of purchase contracts had been partially delayed.

According to the federal ministry of the interior, by the end of august 2020, some 260.500 families apply for their own four walls. As a result, funds of around 5.5 billion euros have been tied up for the construction subsidy introduced two years ago.

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