breakdown start in giant slalom: rebensburg now focuses on speed

Viktoria rebensburg must put aside the unsatisfactory start to the season in giant slalom. Fourth place in solden a month ago and now the end of the season in killington on saturday, despite the best chances for a podium place in each case, do not fit the season’s goal of giant slalom ball.

The failure in the u.S. Was the first in their favorite discipline in almost four years. But there are still six races to go in this discipline – and rebensburg has other plans for the world championship winter. In addition pay a medal in the title competitions and success in the speed disciplines: "I also did not like to let the super-G fall behind. There was an "aha" effect last year. Even if the results weren’t that good," the 29-year-old skier already said in the summer.

PSV franken suffered a bitter and clear defeat on 9. Matchday of the 2. DCU-sportkegel-bundesliga-nord at the ligarivalen and spitzenreiter CKC morenden bayreuth with 5559:5328 einstecken. The host played again a team track record against the franconians and even increased it by 50 skittles to 5559.

Two more single records by steffen honninger (983 total) and 266 on lane 4 were just too much for the puppenstadter, who couldn’t cope with this difficult course. So PSV no longer has the favorite role and goes into the next games as a jager.

two franks still looking for each other in berlin

The story of the two royal children is currently being told on the spree as well. Even if in a slightly different form than in the famous ballad, many observers in political berlin are asking themselves: will the "blacks" find their way into the coalition? And the "reds really to each other? Or do the parties not come together because the water is too deep for the parties in the end??

While the supposed rough coalition partners alternately have their hearts beating faster and then come to blows again, andreas schwarz (SPD) and thomas silberhorn (CSU), who represent the electoral district of bamberg-forchheim in the bundestag, also have to come to terms with the idea of becoming political best friends in the future. Good, the connection is closed only on time. The marriage contract for the government bank is to last a maximum of four years. If no one files for divorce before.
Schwarz, the former mayor from strullendorf, who played for the "reds" for the first mail in berlin squats, indirectly confirms the first attempts of acceptance between the french sozis and csulern at the spree: "with mr. Silberhorn i have not been drinking a beer yet. I saw him in the restaurant the other day. You just say hello, the freshly minted federal parliamentarian describes the first rough encounter of the french federal politicians around the reichstag.

At 75 years, one is experienced, has experienced a lot. For most people, this is the last stage of the journey through life. The bavarian farmers’ association celebrates this special birthday this year. The decision-makers did not give a thought to the possibility of his death.

On 7. September 1945 the association was founded in munich, shortly after the end of the second world war. In view of the trummerfeld, the food of the population should be ensured. This is what the preamble says. 22 farmers from all over bavaria founded the association, they wanted to speak with one voice in the future – voluntarily and independently. The principles were disseminated via radio and posters in the villages – and were well received. Within half a year, 100.000 members enrolled, the number doubled in the course of the following year. "The founding fathers succeeded in creating a work of art," says district chairman alois kraus with admiration 75 years later.

Three titles for tsv eibelstadt

At the lower franconian athletics championships in their age group in elsenfeld, the two 13-year-olds jan-luis hummert and luk jantschke from TSV eibelstadt put in impressive performances, winning three championship titles and five runner-up titles. Hummert won two gold medals in the M 13 throwing and throwing competitions. He threw the 400-gram javelin to a winning distance of 39.21 meters, which currently puts him in eighth place in the best M13 list in germany. He also improved his performance in the discus throw by more than five meters, tossing the 750-gram apparatus to an outstanding 30.76 meters. He was narrowly beaten into second place, and is ranked 26th in germany with this distance. In the ball race, hummert was over ten meters in five of six attempts. At his best the ball flew to the new best distance of 10.88 meters.

Luk jantschke showed a stable performance in his first shot put competition with several heaves over nine meters and reached third place with 9.34 meters; he won silver in the long jump, 800-meter run and 75-meter sprint. In the 60-meter hurdles, jantschke improved his best time by two tenths to 10.52 seconds and won his first title as lower franconia champion in superior style. Hummert sprinted to second place.

Michael busch, coburg's district administrator and candidate for the state parliament, believes that the SPD has been strengthened by the members' vote: "we have struggled hard. That is democracy. It is the task of all of us as a party to draw strength from this now. We are the only party that has had the coalition agreement ratified by its members. That is crude." But the SPD should not stop there, he demands: "within the party, processes and structures also need to be questioned and changed. There can be no more 'business as usual' at any level. Right down to the local associations." Otherwise, the SPD must make sure that it communicates better what it achieves. "Also failures must be discussed and not tried to be sold as successes. Transparency is one of the most important tasks of members of a coalition. "
Busch had already made a strong case for government participation before the start of the member survey ("we district councils are used to working together in our communities in an objective manner for the good of our citizens."). At the same time, he had very clearly criticized the designated SPD chairwoman andrea nahles. But busch did not elaborate on this in his declaration on sunday. Instead, he praised what the coalition agreement promises for the municipalities, including the two billion euros in additional funding for social housing and the expansion of high-speed internet.

Dominik sauerteig, a city council member in coburg, has a very different view of the outcome of the members' vote, and he looks to the uk and the u.S.: "i'm fed up with having to answer urgent questions about the future by making insufficient compromises with the CDU/CSU. I therefore find the clear yes to the coalition very humiliating. In the end, the majority probably felt a mixture of the desire to implement indisputable negotiating successes, supposed responsibility for state policy and current poll ratings. But we need have no fears about the future if we finally take a lasting departure from the neoliberalism of the past 20 years and once again put people more clearly at the center of our policies. The success of bernie sanders in the U.S. And jeremy corbyn in the U.K. Shows that in important nations of the western world, the need for a credible social democratic protective power in a society marked by perversely unequal conditions is very great."

Half a century as a doctor

There is a generation for whom there will always be a "hood" and "druben give. Dr. Karl-heinz dathe belongs to this generation. And when he reports on his life in his practice, a piece of contemporary history passes by.
As dathe on 18. May 1940 is born in leipzig, there is war in germany. It is one germany, and its borders are bigger than they used to be. When the young man sits in the lecture hall, there are two german states. Their division is sealed in 1961 with the building of the wall. Next to medical lectures there are subjects like "marxism and leninism on the curriculum. "It annoyed us, but of course we couldn't say it out loud", tells dathe. Even the student protests that swept through the federal republic of germany in 1968 passed him by. "We have only seen this on television", tells the internist.

Advantages for functionaries
After his studies in leipzig (1958 to 1964) dathe goes to thuringia. On 1. September 1964 he begins his practical year in a polyclinic in the suhl area. 1966 he moves to the internal medicine department in meiningen, where he completes his residency until 1970 – and sticks around. Dathe becomes a ward physician, later a senior physician. "We were a great team. We still meet today", he tells.
But the political pressure is rough. He does not even stop at the hospitals. "It was preferred, in all cases", tells dathe. The station had to keep one or two rooms available in case one of the functionaries became ill. "Then all of a sudden there were the drugs that we otherwise couldn't get hold of so easily," he says, reports dathe. The personal limitation weighed even more heavily. "This feeling of being locked up and not being able to get out", karl-heinz dathe calls it.

As reported, on wednesday evening last week, there was a release of butyric acid in the annex of an old farmhouse in speicherz, inhabited by a family of six. At the time, the parents and their four- to 15-year-old children had to be taken to a hospital. They were able to leave on thursday.

The apartment building and the annex were thoroughly ventilated by the fire department so that the family could move back into the house. The investigation by the officer in charge of the bad bruckenau police station revealed that the landlord had intentionally spread the substance in the annexe. According to his statements he had wanted to fight vermin with it. In fact, however, the released acid also penetrated into the residential property and was inhaled by the residents. The police, in coordination with the public prosecutor’s office in schweinfurt, are investigating the incident on the grounds of bodily injury.

With the electoral community "future kronach – a breath of fresh air for our city" martin panzer and his comrades-in-arms want to enter the city council with at least four candidates in the upcoming municipal elections in march 2020. They are considering running their own mayoral candidate. The members of the foundation now hope to get 180 signatures of support. This is what "the future of kronach" needs, to be admitted to the election. The signature lists will be from 18. December laid out for six weeks in kronach town hall.

At the town council meeting on wednesday evening in the "s'antla" tavern and brewery those present shared their view of local politics in kronach. "There must not and should not be another spill as before", according to martin panzer.