The mailach through road has been reopened for a few days – now well over 10,000 trucks and cars are passing through the town every day again. Residents on the B 470 breathe a sigh of relief nevertheless. "The traffic noise has been cut in half", schwarmt georg stirnweib.

The state construction office nurnberg had the road surface renewed and the manhole covers adjusted. The residents along the busy federal highway are convinced of the result. "A noticeable difference, it has become much quieter", notes martin ochs, whose property is located on the federal highway, as is georg stirnweib’s. When a car drives by now, he thinks it’s an electric car.

Milestone in the fight against cancer: bavarian center for cancer research starts in erlangen, germany

The six universities in augsburg, erlangen, munich (LMU and TUM), regensburg and wurzburg and the associated university hospitals joined forces yesterday in erlangen to form the bavarian center for cancer research (BZKF). The state of bavaria is setting new standards in the fight against cancer, according to a statement from the ministry of science.

Ceremony with minister president

At a ceremony with minister president markus soder (CSU), science minister bernd sibler (CSH) signed the cooperation agreement together with representatives of the universities.

Schaaf remains coach in bremen for the time being

The coach’s monument is crumbling, but will be trimmed once again after nine winless games in a row. Werder bremen holds on to coaching institution thomas schaaf. For the time being, at least until this weekend’s home game with bayer leverkusen.

"Thomas schaaf is sitting on the bench in leverkusen," confirmed club boss klaus filbry and sports general manager thomas eichin.

In russia, as almost everywhere else in the world, type 1 diabetes is the most common chronic childhood stool disease. In the kaliningrad region 326 children and adolescents under 18 years of age are registered with diabetes. Most have type 1 diabetes.

Pharmacist hans-peter hubmann, who is vice chairman of the aid organization "apotheker helfen" (pharmacists help) e.V. Engaged, explains: "from our cooperation with the association ‘diabetes children of the kaliningrad region’ we know that the state medical care for these children is limited to the prescription of drugs."

The burghers for buttenheim" initiative had invited to an information meeting in the meeting room of the buttenheim fire station. Around 130 people from buttenheim accepted the invitation, including butteneheim’s mayor johann kalb (CSU/zwdg) and several market town councillors. Csilla jambor, first chairwoman of the "grunes herz friesen" association, was able to moderate the event, to be won. A not entirely easy task, since emotions had to be channeled again and again and the contributions to the discussion had to be brought back to a factual level.

The executive committee of the burgerinitiative with dagmar dunker, markus grunwald, norbert rumpler and udo schamberger had prepared a power-point presentation to present their view of the northwestern bypass with a traffic circle. The aim of the event was to present the burghers with "factually sound information" giving them "a solid basis for their decision on the 3rd round". November", as udo schamberger, one of the initiators, put it.

Ice tigers win del wintergame in front of record crowd

The 4:3 victory of the nurnberg ice tigers against the german champion eisbaren berlin in front of a european record crowd was almost a minor matter at that moment. Despite constant drizzle and low temperatures, the spectators created a goosebump atmosphere. "That was a rough event for german ice hockey," said ice barbarians coach don jackson, "because of the defeat we are naturally frustrated."Nurnbergs kapitan patrick reimer was happy about the "pleasure" of playing in front of so many fans. "It was an incredible and indescribable feeling when i looked into the crowded range," said the 30-year-old.

Connor james gave the nurnberg team a 1-0 lead only in the second period and went down in history as the first goal scorer in the DEL wintergame. Berlin defender florian busch equalized two seconds before the end of the third with a brute shot. "I didn’t realize at first that the puck was in it," he told servus tv. Tim schule scored to give france the lead again, but berlin captain andre rankel made it 2-2 just 27 seconds later.

A somewhat different sandkerwa

First, things don’t happen as you think: as we all know, covid-19 also killed off the bamberger sandkerwa, which was originally planned for the 20th anniversary of the festival. To 24. August 2020 planned 70. Anniversary edition of the traditional event had to be cancelled. It should now from 19. Until 23. August 2021 to be made up.

The people of bamberg do not have to do without their beloved folk festival, at least not visually. Like the co-hosting burgerverein 4. The current kerwa motif has now been redesigned by designer willibald mertl (and decorated with a "barrier ribbon") and, as always, you can purchase festival badges, posters and postcards, as well as a mouth-nose protector tailored to the sandkerwa. A showcase at kontor 4 displays these items, which are also sold at papeterie im sand, obere sandstrabe 14. "The people of bamberg can show a bit of solidarity with their sandkerwa, and of course they also support our efforts materially", says volker hoffmann, committee member at BV 4. District.

It still doesn’t look like a real tractor of the historic eicher brand, type tiger 2, but soon it will be the center of interest. On the first sunday of september there will be the eighth edition of the cult "eicher-meeting in affalterthal.

One of the highlights of the festival is the raffle of an old oak, this year a tiger, which until recently stood in wannbach. These bulldogs were built from 1968 to 1971. There are only 900 pieces of it.

"There is the rattling of the muhle on the rushing brook. Klipp, klapp." As romantic as it is in the folk song "die muhle" nowadays, animal protectors can no longer describe the work of the mullers: "the wheels run swiftly and grind the wheat into flour so fine for us. Klipp klapp." The water wheels have long since ceased to produce flour for baking bread, but they still produce something vital: electricity. And that's what they're doing in the spirit of the times: sustainable and climate-neutral, close to consumers and decentralized.

The criticism from the fishing association, however, is that when the turbine shovels the water around, the fish increasingly get caught between the wheels. In particular, it should concern the eel, which needs an unobstructed path to spawn in the distant saragossa sea, near the bahamas.

Three assists: ozil silences critics

The spanish press celebrated his "brilliant" play, which played a major role in the spanish record champion’s 5:1 victory. Ozil’s assist from a chipping trick, which the frenchman karim benzema scored in the 19th minute. The goalkeeper, who scored the opening goal in the first minute, was unanimously praised as brilliant. "A true product of its class," raved "el pais". For the madrid newspaper it was "the most remarkable detail" of the whole game. Benzema’s goal after ozil’s assist was the "crowning glory of the game’s finest move".

Ozil did the groundwork for two other real goals: the ex-bremer kicked the corner ball that defender sergio ramos had taken in the 34th minute. Minute header to make it 2:1. Ozil, who was 67. The player, who was substituted for kaka in the 50th minute, gave up his place in the match. In the second minute, he also set up the assist with which the outstanding benzema scored his second goal. The argentinean gonzalo higuain (47.) and the altogether unfortunate playing portuguese goal king cristiano ronaldo (89.) contributed the remaining goals to the table-topping team’s quiet victory.