The week: angela i. And the butterbread

Ready for some poetry? Then we’ll let konstantin wecker off the leash for a moment: the grapevine becomes so terribly heavy in the fall, and in order to survive, he simply gives it away again.

It just had to be done. Because the grape harvest is underway. Besides, on thursday, the first french feathered boar was on the table. Along with a sandwich. Because friday was "german butter sandwich day. Such a thing should have been a legal holiday – but no one listened to us.

Solar plant must keep its distance

The investors in a photovoltaic (PV) project between the A 70 freeway and the memmelsdorf district of drosendorf have to make do with a significantly reduced solution. Instead of the requested eight hectares, the council approved only three hectares directly adjacent to the freeway. The western areas in particular, which are listed in the solar land register of the bamberg district as far as the residential plots of the development area, were removed sufficient.

At a local meeting before the deliberations in the town hall, mayor johann bauerlein (WLW/CSU), head of the construction department karmann and investor matthias ebner from ebern explained the project. A large number of residents had come together to express their opposition to the photovoltaic system. The investor’s planner pointed out that the PV area would be enclosed by a five-meter-high hazel hedge, so that the PV elements would "sound" at least from the first floors of the houses in the development area not be seen. The modules should be between 2.50 and four meters high, depending on the type of construction. They were anchored one to 1.50 meters deep in the ground.

Renting your own home: building cooperatives are in demand

Four-room apartments with their own garden, single apartments in hip inner-city neighborhoods, or apartments on the first floor suitable for the elderly – all at prices that are below the local rent level.

Building cooperatives promise their members affordable housing and protection from luxury renovations. "More and more young people are also looking for cooperative housing," says matthias zabel of the federal association of german housing and real estate companies (bundesverband deutscher wohnungs- und immobilienunternehmen, gdw). But the developments on the housing market are also causing them problems.

this picture can also be seen at the 'artkronach': naked schone does headstand

A few meters away from the huts on hussitenplatz, namely in the kronach synagogue on zitterstrabe, you can find something quite unusual, inspiring and soul-stirring – in other words, art. And this may not only be marveled at, but also bought. To the 36. For the first time, the two weekends, saturday and sunday, 8./9. December, and 15./16. December, from 3 p.M. To 7 p.M., the "artkronach" art fair instead of. "This year, for the first time, we have invited almost exclusively local artists to offer their works", says ingo cesaro of the organizing association regionale kunstforderung kronach. In the meantime, the interest of creative people in our region has become so great that they – and not the friendly artists from the nurnberg metropolitan region – have been given preference.

From the small leporello for the handbag up to the 50 centimeter large, spherical sculpture made of cherry wood, from the coarse-format oil painting up to the gingko tree foldable to A4 size for the living room shelf, the variety of the offered works is large. The price range is just as rough: you can get less than a "twenty" for your home, but also spend well over 1000 euros per piece.

Trucks over 3.5 tons should leave thurnau

Heavy articulated lorries, which are torturing their way through the upper market in thurnau – a picture, which should soon be a thing of the past. The residents, who suffer from the truck traffic, and the municipality agree on this and have now drawn up a joint list of demands, with which the market wants to enter into talks with the specialist authorities. The two most important points: the narrow passage is to be closed both in and out for trucks with a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tons or more. A speed limit of 30 km/h is also to be introduced to slow down speeders and provide more safety.

Timely solution?

Igmetal against cheap wages in the flat tariff

The existing pay system reflects the productivity, process stability and quality of the industries, explained the head of the IG metall district in north rhine-westphalia, knut giesler, in dusseldorf.

Earlier, arndt kirchhoff, president of the employers’ association for the metal industry in north rhine-westphalia, had complained in the "rheinische post" about what he saw as excessively high entry-level wages: "in our lowest pay scale group, unskilled workers already earn more than 14.50 euros an hour."

The eltmann carnival call "wallbuh the carnival committee and the organizers of the carnival procession were again able to welcome many floats and carnival groups, also from surrounding towns, on tuesday. Their "waggon" was a great success! In the rough "orient-express limbach. More than 40 acts formed a colorful gaudiwurm, from which the numerous original fubgroups stood out.

Not only the caravan of the carnival committee was delirious in "1001 nights". The eltmann organizers were also supported by "micha baba and the 40 thieves" (fan club of the oshino-volleys) accompanied. In addition there were "aladin with his "knights of the rooster, "ali baba and his 20 women" as well as the partly veiled "wustenprinzessinnen" from the kindergarten weisbrunn. The guest of honor was "walburga I. And nepomuk I. A prince and princess from eltmann joined – and as further special guests pope kunigunde hildegard I. And gabriele beier ganswein.

the struggle of eastern artists in the transition period

30 years after the peaceful revolution, the leipzig museum of fine arts (mdbk) deals with the turnaround in a rough exhibition.

"Point of no return. Wende und umbruch in der ostdeutschen kunst" (turnaround and upheaval in east german art) shows more than 300 works of all genres by 106 artists on about 2000 square meters. The work reflects the time before the fall of the wall. The upheaval itself and the redefinition of art afterwards are also presented.

silver, bronze and various pins in untersiemau town council

The last meeting of 2018 of the municipal council on thursday in the town hall was dominated by the honoring of deserving burghers. Untersiemau now has two new holders of the silver medal of honor – konrad reibmann and paul kratochwil. In addition, thomas burger and edeltraud obermuller received the bronze medal of honor of the municipality. In addition, deserving community servicemen were honored. Frank weber received high praise from mayor rolf rosenbauer (CSU) for his ten years of service as second mayor and chairman of the sports and culture committee.

"A gentleman of the old school, so rosenbauer, was awarded the medal of honor in silver. For konrad reibmann, it goes without saying that he would use his commitment for the benefit of others. The rough horse of the organizational talent was athletics. For many decades, konrad reibmann had been in charge of the local championships and the taking of the german sports badge. In addition, he had volunteered tirelessly for TSV scherneck as a department and training manager. Reibmann is a welcome guest at countless sporting events and a competent interlocutor, he says. Rolf rosenbauer said to the honored: "a club needs role models like you, our society needs you." And further: role models like konrad reibmann are a poster child for the community.

"We must help our colleagues in the affected flood areas, who are now facing nothing, and show solidarity", said the herzogenaurach businessman lothar maydt at the general meeting of the forder- und werbegemeinschaft a few weeks ago in the hotel herzogspark. Now the owner of the household goods store of the same name has put his word into practice.

"I had tears in my eyes at the television pictures, it is terrible to have to watch, if the existence sinks in the water or swims away", maydt tells us afterwards.