Bavaria's gate cannibals want to be 'right at the top

Even an expert on soccer madness like oliver kahn needed a night to understand that the seemingly surreal 8-2 triumph of his FC bayern against FC barcelona was real.

“Only now do i realize what really happened yesterday at the estadio da luz,” tweeted the former goalkeeper titan, who celebrated the title triple in his first year on the munich board of management.

black-green in hesse presses for speed in negotiations

"It is a new beginning for hesse in a political constellation that has never existed before," said CDU chairman and minister president volker bouffier at the first round of negotiations in wiesbaden. On 18. January sees the first meeting of the newly elected hessian state parliament.

The chairman of the green party, tarek al-wazir, defended the coalition pledge to the union, for which he is criticized by the SPD, the left-wing party, but also by parts of his own base. There had been a choice between a CDU/SPD coalition, which had changed nothing, and green government participation to achieve at least some goals. Whether the black-green coalition in hesse is a historical breakthrough will only be seen later. "There have already been historic failures," said al-wazir. "Neither of us has any plans to do that."

joy of contact with people

Entering the cafe ezzilo in the BRK "live and work" etzelskirchen, you will meet there a busy young woman. Setting tables, cutting bread, pouring drinks – these are just a few of gabriele meier's tasks. She has trisomy21 and has been working in the service area of the senior citizens' facility for ten years now.

After finishing her schooling at the wilhelm pfeffer school in herzogenaurach, meier started work a good ten years ago as an employee at the benedikt munni workshop of the barmherzige bruder gremsdorf (brother of mercy). But it was clear to the young woman from the outset that she didn't want to work in production, she wanted to get out. Because contact with people gives her the most pleasure.

Brandenburg's cdu leader: elections will drive groko-aus forward

Brandenburg CDU leader ingo senftleben does not expect the grand coalition in berlin to be in office much longer.

He believes "that the state elections in the east will accelerate the disintegration of the groko," he told "tagesspiegel am sonntag". He cited the SPD’s situation as the reason: "there’s a vacancy at the top of the party, and there’s no scramble to fill it." With poor results in the state elections on 1. September in saxony and brandenburg further discussions broke out among social democrats. In thuringia, the 27th. October election of a new parliament.

Nowitzki brings basketballers no luck at the start of the world cup

Dirk nowitzki gave national coach henrik rodl an encouraging pat on the back, while nba star dennis schroder trudged to the team bus in heavy frustration.

In front of the eyes of NBA legend nowitzki, the german basketball players were unable to win a strong comeback against france at the start of the world championships in china and are under direct pressure. The rodl team lost 74-78 (20:36) in shenzhen against the title co-favorites.

"It is a small sensation!", said SPD local association chairman jochen korner (redwitz) at the SPD’s nomination meeting for the municipal elections in the rosenau "hofbrau in marktgraitz: "there is a spirit of optimism here!" After the SPD local association of marktgraitz had been dissolved a decade ago, a list of members of the town council and, with nathalie grammon, a candidate for mayor was now being put up.

The nomination of the candidate for mayor nathalie grammon and the list of councillors were both unanimous. The SPD municipal council list is made up as follows: nathalie grammon (place 1), ivonne mahr (2), klaus knoop (3), stefan stumpf (4), josef sunkel (5), thomas schiller (6) and alexander ortleth (7).

Bruderle remains silent on sexism accusations

At the same time, the 67-year-old is receiving more and more support from his party colleagues. The debate about sexism in society is also in full swing on the internet. There, bruderle is also attacked for his allegedly attractive remarks to a "stern" female employee.

Aubenminister guido westerwelle (FDP) called on his party to show solidarity with its front man. For the man at the top, there is no more pardon among political competitors and "in some editorial offices". Development aid minister dirk niebel criticized "stern" journalist laura himmelreich, who had written the article. "I think it is quite impudent of the lady from the "stern" to write this article, who, after a year, having felt burdened, then, when someone takes over a new political function, processes this event," he said in the ZDF program "berlin direkt. "This has nothing to do with good journalism"."Waiting a year and then scandalizing speaks for itself.