A big fish in the drug scene was caught by officers of the schweinfurt criminal police on 14. November last year into the net. They arrested a 20-year-old drug dealer in habfurt in the apartment of his life danger.

According to the prosecution, the adolescent had committed a crime between the ages of 12 and 18. January 2018 until his arrest in november in 14 cases, he bought around 15 kilograms of marijuana, in some cases together with an accomplice, and sold it on to consumers in the district of habberge and schweinfurt. According to the indictment, the 20-year-old also bought more than 2.5 kilograms of cocaine, most of which he used for his own consumption, as well as 600 grams of hashish and 200 grams of amphetamine.

Member of the state parliament steffen vogel (CSU) from theres points out demand means, which flee to the district habberge. The money comes from two pots. On the one hand, four municipalities benefit, and on the other hand, the associations in the district receive support.

The bavarian urban development program 2020 is set up. This year, some 191 million euros are available for 406 cities and municipalities. "We have stabilized state funding for urban development at a high level", is pleased steffen vogel. The funds from the bavarian urban development program benefit smaller towns and communities in rural areas in particular. "It is intended, for example, to help municipalities focus on internal development and use vacant properties to keep their town centers attractive and livable." Clarifies vogel.

Windheim the church of st. Nicholas is a beautiful and of course historical building. During its 400-year existence, the house of god has withstood summer and heat, storms and rain. Not much has changed on site since the last extension in 1970. Now, however, it is time for a general renovation of the building.

Defect at second glance

At first glance, the layman does not see the enormous need for renovation of the house of god. On closer inspection, however, the crumbling exterior plaster and the damp interior plaster on the lowest part of the wall stand out. You can also see that the seat and knee bench are getting on in years and also other corners that need more than just a beauty correction.

The green baron invites to his garden kingdom

Is this man crazy? If you don’t know robert von susskind, you’ll be taken aback the first time you meet him. The baron speaks faster than weeds grow. He has eyes that are so light blue they make the female-blue summer sky look like a dark thundercloud. Baron robert von susskind is also known as gruner baron. He has created an unparalleled landscape park on his estate of dennenlohe castle in central franconia.

Unterschwaningen is completely remote in the french pampas. But suddenly a pond, a farm and a castle appear: dennenlohe. The symmetrical baroque building is owned by the eighth generation of the von susskind family.

Hsc relies on continuity

The HSC 2000 coburg relies on its preserved board team in the next two years. At the annual general meeting last monday in the HUK-coburg-arena, the leadership of the club was confirmed in their respective functions. There were dissenting votes for the higher membership fees that were ultimately resolved. Retroactive to 1. July, a basic fee will now be charged for passive members, as well as an additional fee for active members.

The financial situation of the club, which was caused by a tax demand of almost 260,000 euros a few years ago and was caused by a former board of directors, has eased somewhat. The club makes its payments on time and, in addition, a claim for damages of 228,000 euros against the tax advisor who worked for the HSC at the time is pending before the coburg regional court. "I can’t report anything yet about the outcome and possible prospects of success, the whole thing is dragging on", said HSC-board spokesman stefan apfel.

New building comes to the garden

They come, they listen, they discuss. Whenever a castle meeting is called for uetzing, the meeting room is bursting at the seams. This also happened on wednesday at the "zum kutscher" inn.

Mayor jurgen kohmann had invited the citizens to present three important projects for the village at muhlbach and doberten. "We start with the smallest ones – "flexi group" theme, the mayor began the round of talks. 16 meters from the main building of the catholic kindergarten st. The new building in the garden of the area is removed johannes der taufer in the pfarrer-krapf-strabe. In traditional solid construction with trapezoidal sheet metal roofing. 18 new places will be created here, twelve of them as regular places and six as daycare places.