Daily congratulations in the practice

Dr. Ralph brath has been in charge since 7. April supply doctor for the district of bad kissingen. This task is precisely defined for counties in the bavarian "emergency plan for corona pandemic precisely defined. In this function, brath is now to establish a permanent link between the catastrophe protection management group and the physicians in private practice. For this reason, he has also been assigned staff at the district office, with whom he forms a task force, according to the authorities.

Ralph brath is now responsible not only for patients in his own practice, but also for outpatient medical care in the entire district. As a supply doctor, he now has to consult more often with the doctors at the health insurance companies and contact the nursing facilities in the district. What is the supply situation there?? Are cases of covid-19 infection occurred? Is there sufficient protective equipment? Where there may soon be a shortage?

Uber 250 kilometers of agony: new world cycling champion wanted

258.2 challenging kilometers, 18 crisp climbs, only one world champion: at the world road cycling championships in imola, italy (10.00 o’clock/eurosport 2/ZDF) the konigsrennen is on.

Who will follow danish mads pedersen, who took the cycling crown in harrogate, uk, last year?? The team from the federation of german cyclists (BDR) is not among the closest favorites, but is counting on a lot despite some prominent absentees.

Cdu secretary general urges extension of child construction allowance

CDU secretary general paul ziemiak has spoken out in favor of a further extension of the child construction allowance by nine months until the end of 2021.

Ziemiak said to the "saarbrucker zeitung" (friday), families could be confident by the demand the purchase of a real estate and became thereby an important contribution for the own age precaution to make. The federal government has earmarked a total of ten billion euros for the mabnahme. "Even through corona, funds that have already been set aside in the budget have not been called up. With it could be financed a verlangerung."

Two new confirmed corona traps on monday 20. April, in the county of bad kissingen. There are two male figures involved here. Currently, there are 126 confirmed corona traps in the county. 228 corona traps have been confirmed in the district of bad kissingen so far. 93 people were discharged as healthy. So far, there have been a total of eleven deaths due to corona. 217 people are currently in quarantine.

In the burgerspital hammelburg, two more residents suffering from corona have died, so there are now three deaths there. 20 residents and eight employees tested positive for covid-19. An employee has recovered. From the senior center kramerswiesen oerlenbach, there are recurring numbers of corona sufferers. 19 residents tested positive, 15 residents tested negative, one resident recovered. Ten employees are corona positive, 26 tested negative. Seven employees have recovered. Five residents tested positive for covid-19 have died. There are no changes to report regarding the other facilities affected, the district office further announced. All the facilities are in close contact with the health authorities and, in the case of the senior citizens’ facilities, with the home supervisory authority. Extensive protection measures are coordinated.

Sabine memmel the phone never stops ringing. Since it became known that the hairdressers were going to be on 4. When the new store is allowed to open again on may 1, everyone wants to get an appointment as soon as possible. For four weeks, all hair salons have been closed because of corona. Many long for the next haircut and new color on what has become far too coarse an approach. For many customers hardly bearable. "Some of them called us and wanted an appointment in spite of the closing time. Of course we did not do that. The safety of our customers is the most important thing for us", stresses laura gottstein (29), owner of the hairdresser webers in forchheim.

Even if what you’re wearing on your head doesn’t really feel like a hairstyle to many people, you should never take up the scissors yourself: "it’s usually a mess", winks gottstein. That’s why she and her brother-in-law, make-up artist and cosmetician juliette gottstein, give styling tips on how to bridge the gap until the reopening of the hairdressers and how to achieve a really great hairstyle in the shortest possible time, even with a home office and childcare at home.