Gunther geiling for the county council building committee the all-day road trip is a high point in county politics every year in the fall. In the process, the district councils take a close look at the district road network. It goes into the steigerwald and the habberge – also into remote "corners". 321 kilometers has the circle road network. This time it was quite different, because the road trip only took place virtually due to the corona crisis. The members of the committee met in the meeting room of the district administration office in habfurt. The focus was on the expansion plan for the period 2020 to 2026, which was approved with a cost volume of over 24 million euros.

During the meeting, which was chaired by district administrator wilhelm schneider, the district council members saw video images of the state of the trenches. Damaged spots on roads and bridges as well as special traffic situations were pointed out.

The wall street trades again: profits to the start

At the start, the dow jones stock index rose by just under half a percent to 13,165 points. The borse building had been spared the floods that hurricane sandy had driven through lower manhattan at the beginning of the week. Nevertheless, the u.S. Fraternity had collectively decided to skip trading on monday and tuesday. The financial district has no electricity and the subway shafts are partly under water.

The last time the new york stock exchange (nyse) was closed for so long because of a storm was in 1888, when it was a snowstorm. Borsen boss duncan niederauer defended the decision to suspend trading for a whole two days on the CNBC television channel: human lives had been in danger. "Anyone who questions the decision should think again carefully."

Since the reconstruction in the intersection of nurnberger/holzgarten- and moosstrabe is finished, the improvements are not only lane- but also visible. Gone are the days of bumps and uneven road surfaces. The new markings ensure more safety on the road. "Cyclists in particular are now much better protected", is pleased second mayor jonas glusenkamp (grunes bamberg) in a press release from the city hall.

"Especially at intersections, dangerous situations often occur between bicycle and motor vehicle traffic", adds the mobility officer of the city of bamberg. "More than half of the accidents involving cyclists in urban areas occur at intersections. However, the improvement of bicycle traffic guidance at this point benefits everyone, because cyclists can now be seen much better in cars as well.", emphasizes glusenkamp.

Bmw double success at dtm opener - glock retires

Defending champion BMW only began to lurch after its double success at the DTM opener in hockenheim. Like the strong strategy, however, this was also planned: brazilian augusto farfus slid across the asphalt in his green car and cheered over the radio.

And because dirk werner had raced from 20th on the grid to second place on sunday, BMW motorsport boss jens marquardt’s joy knew no bounds: "it’s amazing!! From the very front and the very back to first and second place, that’s the ultimate," he said on ARD. "Five bmws in the top ten – that’s a great result."