Buttersaure: dispute among parties involved

As reported, on wednesday evening last week, there was a release of butyric acid in the annex of an old farmhouse in speicherz, inhabited by a family of six. At the time, the parents and their four- to 15-year-old children had to be taken to a hospital. They were able to leave on thursday.

The apartment building and the annex were thoroughly ventilated by the fire department so that the family could move back into the house. The investigation by the officer in charge of the bad bruckenau police station revealed that the landlord had intentionally spread the substance in the annexe. According to his statements he had wanted to fight vermin with it. In fact, however, the released acid also penetrated into the residential property and was inhaled by the residents. The police, in coordination with the public prosecutor’s office in schweinfurt, are investigating the incident on the grounds of bodily injury.


On tuesday afternoon, the incident now had an aftermath. The 41-year-old tenant of a part of the present and his 37-year-old wife were busy in the yard with wood sawing work, when the 32-year-old landlord came and was also doing work with a machine. The two men got into a verbal dispute that turned into a physical altercation. The older man allegedly threw an axe at his landlord without hitting him. The tenant was slightly injured in the brawl afterwards. The wives, who joined in, separated the fighters. The police is investigating for mutual bodily injury offences. The alleged tool of the crime was seized.

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